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September Meeting Schedules with a Extra Special Guest

Here are the local meetings that are coming up. The Sheepshead Bay Plumb Beach Civic Association has invited STEPHEN JEMAL of SSJ Development to discuss his development on Knapp St. That should be an interesting meeting if he shows up. I should go and meet him.

Sheepshead Bay Plumb Beach Civic Association, September […]

Gerritsen Avenue Gets a Trim

Most of the trees in the New Section on the avenue got trimmed this morning. It looks very good.

Events: Dan’s 5K Fun Run & Walk

Upcoming Event: Saturday September 13, 2008 11:00 am to 4:00 pm (rain or shine)

This years fun run is dedicated to the loving memory of Marlita Mattaliano and Francis T. Walsh

The southern Brooklyn Fun Run is an idea of Dan Foster to bring people together to support cancer awareness. Dan has been […]

Big Al’s Arber Shop

This was sent in via AIM (Instant Message) and we just had to post it.

If you dont know why this is funny check out this previous post: Big Al Moving in to Mike and […]

Memories: 1951 Gypsy Town?

I stumbled across this 1951 aerial shot of Gerritsen Beach. What the hell is that in the soccer fields? Is that a gypsy town?

Look at the park in the upper left, that looks interesting. Does anyone know what this is or have any pictures of […]

Some Gerritsen Beach Skateboarding Videos

Distracted Cowboys from Joseph Mikos on Vimeo.

Events: GGRMMBBR – Its going to be oarsome!

Shirt Design by NickLak

After taking a brief vacation, lets start ooff this weeks post with :The annual “GGRMMBBR” or Gerritsen Beach Round Mau Mau Boat Races. Which are scheduled for September 6th. I’m not sure how you could check out this event, if you don’t have a boat or at least a […]

Picture of the Week: Plumb 1st – Flags and a Sunset

[Add Reality/flickr]

It’s Easier to Create Than Destroy. Be Proud, Be Nice!

Looks as though there is a video following up on Bus Shelter Says: This Day Is Yours

This bus shelter has a huge histroy since starting this site.

Look at the Fancy Bus Shelters That didn’t take long The Never Ending Story Bus Shelter Destruction: Not My […]

SSJ Riviera Gets a Bit of Constructive Vandalism

Looks as though SSJ Riviera  has sprayed down their plywood wall with:

“SSJ Development LLC Revitalized Waterfront Living”

Kouros Diner Should be Opening Soon

The owners of the now closed Foursome diner are close to opening a new diner called Kouros, on Nostrand and Z, where the Chinese buffet used to be.

Good luck to them. Maybe they will let me know when it opens so I can take some pictures.

The property that the foursome was […]

Picture of the Week: Flags Wave Proudly In Front Of The Sewage Plant

Lisanne / Flags in Front of Sewer Plant

Bulkheads are Mostly Done

Bulkhead construction which started at the beginning of the year, has mostly been completed (in the new section).

Bulkhead picture gallery from the water from the summer of […]

Case Dismissed in Manhattan Beach Incident.

Remember way back in June when civil rights died in Manhattan Beach? Yeah, I really don’t remember either but either way, there is an update to the story.

To quickly recap, On senior cut day in June cops were turning kids away from Manhattan Beach and sending them elsewhere, Gene Beradelli,  Sheepshead Bay/Plumb […]

Gerritsen Avenue Elmo Dances to Beat It

Elmo in Gerritsen Beach from Gerritsen Beach on Vimeo.

This was during the GB Games.