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Fatal Motorcycle Accident on Gerritsen and Whitney


Sometime around 1:45 on July 1st, there was a fatal accident involving a Jeep and a motorcycle. The man riding the motorcycle died as a result.

He was a Gerritsen Beach local named Anthony Coppola aka “Antmoe”, and leaves behind a three year old daughter.

I know Anthony and we fell in the same circles. My thought and prayers are with the family.

If you know anything else please comment!


87 comments to Fatal Motorcycle Accident on Gerritsen and Whitney

  • Sad

    Does not look good from what I gather. I believe a woman was involved as well. The bike was in pieces.

  • NickLak

    I apologize for the comments above. I’m a little upset, and shouldn’t be passing grief off as anger. Even if it is in the face of dismissive thoughtlessness. I shouldn’t be that thoughtless myself. To the person who runs this site::::Please take down both my posts.

  • bill

    my prayers are with his family

  • Sad

    From what I learned, he was a 30 year old male who did pass away as a result of the accident. I do not know the circumstances which led to the accident, but the woman involved is in the hospital. My thoughts are with his family. I can’t even imagine what they are feeling. And, Niklak, it seems like this gentleman was someone you knew and I’m sorry for your loss as well. Don’t apologize for your words, its understandable under the circumstances. You are allowed to be pissed.

  • Anonymous2

    Nick you are right to speak that way. There are really stuipid people on this sight that post comments. I too know Anthony and am very sad for his family especially his three year old daughter.

  • Anonymous

    Nick who died? who was he?

    • JO


  • Sad

    especially his three year old daughter.


  • anonymous

    Your class is showing GB……….

  • anonymous

    actually, its LACK OF classs

  • mary

    is it true that this young man was a fireman? does anyone know his name? i am so sorry

  • Anonymous

    This was my brothers best friend since age 5. Our hearts and prayers go out to his entire family, especially his little girl. We will miss him greatly.

  • Anonymous

    nick ahould be pissed but who was the man who died?? anthony? anthony who?

  • Anonymous

    This site could turn into an insane internet mob if people just give some information and work together.

    we know his name was anthony possible fdny with a three year old.

    if he has a three year old I’m pissed. it is a horrible loss.

    I was there at the scene and people said the woman tried to beat the motorcycle by making the left. she’s prob not hurt.

  • Anonymous

    He’s was not a fireman, he was an electrican. His daughter is almost three, and he loved her very very much.

  • flowers and candles at the corner now. my thoughts are with the family.

  • Anonymous2

    My goodness. He was an electrician who’s daughter just turned three this past weekend. This is such a tragedy, can everyone for once keep their negative comments off the site.

  • neighbor

    My family and his were neighbors for over twenty years. I watched this man
    grow up and he was a friend to both my children. He was a kind man with a
    good heart and he will be missed. He was twenty-eight years old and lived in
    Gravesend. My memories will always be of him as a little boy, coming to our house all the time, looking to play or eat or just ‘hang out’. I can’t believe he’s gone. Our thoughts, our prayers go out to his family – their loss is devastating. May God be with them at this awful time.

  • R.I.P. Antmoe! You will be missed by many! I love you and will remember you the rest of my life!

  • Anonymous

    I live near that corner and I have witnessed many people using that red light like a stop sign. They stop and look both ways and take off. Most of them are SUV’S. This involved an SUV also. They drive like the road was built just for them. Maybe paying $100.00 for a tank of gas makes them angry and aggressive.

  • Sad

    can everyone for once keep their negative comments off the site.

    Amen, Anonymous2. Well said.

  • Anonymous

    sonova bitch. this is horrible.

  • Anonymous

    his myspace is very sad to look at. his daughter is beautiful.

    I’m not putting the link here. search for it. using the info above.

  • anonymous

    What’s the big secret? You’re telling e1 he has a myspace page, just post the link, otherwise don’t mention myspace.

  • Anonymous

    Alot of people making alot of assumptions. But since it seems no one here actually saw the accident they should all keep their comments to themselves. This was a terrible tragedy and if you don’t know the facts you should not talk trash about the people involved. One young man is dead and the driver of the SUV is injured and devestated.

    Yeah there are alot of SUV drivers that think they own the road and don’t obey the laws. And yeah there are a lot of motorcycle drivers who drive too fast and too reckless (and ATVs too, which are not supposed to be on the streets) — Especially in GB to both of those. Too many drivers, especially in GB think the answer to someone in their way is to blow the horn and step on the gas.

    These are roads with pedestrians crossing and children on the sidewalks. We have speed limits and traffic signs for a reason. Stop taking other people’s lives in your hands. Especially the jerk who said if you have complaints about GB move, I’m not moving and the complaints are legitimate. Be responsible.

  • cousin

    I am anthony’s cousin. We grew up together and remained close to this day. The kind words from so many commenters on this site are incredibly thoughtful and generous but while I am all for the freedom to post pictures, words, etc., I would greatly appreciate you taking these pictures down. This is a very difficult time for his family and having pictures out there like this immortalized on the internet is rather gratuitous.

  • Anoynmous

    Motorcycles and Brooklyn do not mix. The sooner people understand that the better. You rarely here about motorcycle accidents only fatalities. Even his myspace pictures have the captions “no worries…life insurance is on the way.” Crotch rockets are dangerous.

  • anon

    he was friends with alot of people in the beach so have some respect for the people mourning his death…and how about the women that’s in the hosp does anyone know it was and how she’s doing about praying for her also she has to live with this for the rest of her life…this isn’t the time to place blame…my prays go out to his family and friends and the women in the hospital and hope that all recover from this….this happens so much on the ave and nobody seems to learn lets just hope and pray that someone does learn how many times is this going to happen? how many family’s are going to have to suffer?

  • cousin mike

    I am Anthony’s cousin and grew up with him as well. We were the same age and our family is extremely close.. Life without him will not be the same. He was truly, genuinely a great man. He’d do anything for anybody. Everyone’s kind comments are thoughtful and great. I almost feel that this isn’t real but it is…. I look at these pictures and as hard as they are to look at say i want them to stay up….

  • cousin mike

    I am Anthony’s cousin and grew up with him as well. We were the same age and our family is extremely close.. Life without him will not be the same. He was truly, genuinely a great man. He’d do anything for anybody. Everyone’s kind comments are thoughtful and great. I almost feel that this isn’t real but it is…. I look at these pictures and as hard as they are to look at say i want them to stay up…. Use them as a reminder of what can happen with these motorcycles with anyone. I don’t care how careful you are. I feel like there are a lot of us 30 something year old guys out there starting our lives off that think we are invincible…. Not to say that he did but we don’t think enough about the consequences of our actions…. Not singling him out…. I am the same way with many things and i am sure a lot of us reading are too…. If you have a kid or 1 on the way or a wife or family that love you please get off the bike…. It’s an unnecessary risk for a little rush. Take up something safer to channel yourself.. This is the second close person i lost to this and don’t want to see it happen again… For what a motorcycle… Whats more important? If this post just makes someone think for a second about this then it was worth it.. I thank again all of those that knew Anthony and had a kind word or gesture with regard to this or anyone that made him smile… Rest peacefully cuz…. you will be missed…..

  • Anonymous

    Mike very strong message. I knew him from the area, always a nice guy.

    I vote pictures stay up, its not like he or her in the pictures.

  • cousin

    The request to remove the photos was made on behalf of the family. They don’t need the reminder of their son’s/brother’s/grandson’s/father’s/uncle’s last moment out there on the internet where these pics will be archived and searchable forever.

    I agree that motorcycle’s can be dangerous. But there are better ways to educate the public than by posting pictures that are devastating to a family.

  • Well said

    Cousin Mike: Your words brought tears to my eyes and spoke the absolute truth. This is a very emotional time for you and your family and for that I am so sorry. My deepest sympathy is extended to you and yours. My thoughts are with everyone affected by this, including the woman involved in the accident. The poster who said she will have to live with this tragedy is right, that is one hell of a cross to bear. It will be very difficult for her as well.

  • anon

    Why don’t someone send nice memory pictures to the website with him family, friends and his daughter for a memorial of him of happy times in his life…cuz mike i hope you get through this and your right it happens to many times..its not worth your life and leaving any children without a father, brother, cousin, uncle for a thrill ride…go to great adventure for that.

  • offramp

    A genuinely nice guy. RIP Anthony.

  • Anonymous

    God help his family get thru this. thoughts and prayers to
    all of you

  • anonomous

    What did GBnet do last time?

    Condolences to the family & prayers to the driver in the Hospital.

  • Anonymous

    put up a pic of the kid that died in that manhattan beach accident, on his bike.

  • Ryan

    I was Anthony’s best friend for ever. I was his best man he was mine. His beautiful daughter was my God child. He LOVED his daughter with all the fiber of his being. He will be missed by many and Lovingly remembered by all. We all know how he passed. And we all know the stereotypes that are placed on moto riders. But I will say this, he was not your typical speed demon, nor a stunter. His idea of fun was just cruising and enjoying himself.

    Anthony cared about life and the family and people in his. I know a lot of people have heard this and that about him, so i will set the record straight.

    Anthony was 29 years old, his daughter was 3. He was a local 3 electrician for about 8 years now. He was a GREAT father and a loyal friend. An all around great guy. He was the type of guy to give you the shirt off his back in February, just to keep you warm.

    I love you Ant and I will miss you greatly

    RIP my brother

  • Ryan

    Rest in Peace my brother, my companion, my best friend. On this day I dont mourn a death but I celebrate a life. A life full of ups and downs, goods and bads. I remember every moment we shared together, laughed about, cried about, even moments that scared us. You will be missed by many and remembered by more. On that sunny day when you reunited with your father, a void was left in my heart. One that will never be filled, but left empty to remind me of how special you were to me. I will never forget you or the events that made us what we are today. To forget such memories, events, and times would be a sin, and a loss of whats right. I will one day unite with you and these memories will once again be brought into the present, to laugh about and relive with the same enthusiasm that made us the best of friends we were.

    Knowing I will never see you again, I have the one thing you cared about most, your daughter, to always let me see you through your life again. When I see her I see the man Anthony, that I grew up with. I see the life that was once present in your eye(s). I now see what made you wanna wake up every morning and get out.

    Now that I have a daughter of my own coming into this world I can only hope that that I will be as good a dad as you were to you child. I will hope I can show her love the way you presented it to your child. I can honestly say I would not want it any other way.

    An outstanding, do anything for anyone friend, and a model, one of a kind Dad

    I love you Anthony Peter Cipolla…
    Until my final breath is taken, and our friendship is rekindled, Always on our minds Forever in our hearts

    Your best friend through and death, forever


  • Mike S

    I read all the comments and see the anger and pain so please understand that Anthony was not I repeat not a wreckless rider I have rode with him many times and he was very responsible , he did not take a chance with his life any more then we all do by leaving our houses be it in a car on a bike on foot or getting on a train no one has control a accident. Anthony was one of the nicest guys I have met and lived for his daughter . The facts from the accident site are this ,…. He was traveling north bound on gerritsen in the right hand lane , the driver was traveling south bound on gerritsen and attempted to make the left turn without waiting for the traffic to pass. Anthony was not traveling at a high rate of speed If he was doing 30-40 miles a hour and the driver was doing the same the impact speed is doubled , if you are making a left turn wait for the cars , motorcycle , truck whatever it may be to pass it is the law and results in accidents like this too many times. But like I said it is a accident , Yes I am very angry but more hurt ! I do not put the blame on anyone the only thing I know for sure 100% is Anthony was a great person a great father a great DAD a great friend, cousin , son , and he will be greatly missed . We will be putting together a run to raise money for Anthony’s daughter to put in a trust fund for her , it is what he would want just to know that she is taken care of so please get involved and support how ever you can. Thank you and my deepest condolences to all of his friends and family

  • Eric & Frankie

    We are long time friends of Ryan & Anthony. We all use to play hockey together and that was some great times. As Ryan said in his comment…..Anthony was a warm loving person. He never had anything bad to say about anyone…..He always talked about his beautiful daughter and his wonderful family and his GREAT friends. He will always be in our hearts……Our Condolences to his family and all the people who knew and loved him so much. We will never EVER forget him. RIP Antmoe you will always be missed!!!

  • anonymous


  • Well said

    We will be putting together a run to raise money for Anthony’s daughter to put in a trust fund for her

    Please keep us updated on this; time, place, address, etc.

  • Morrowynd

    I have lived in The Beach about 15 years now. I am convinced that we will never, ever learn. How many floral tributes line our roads? How many beautiful memorals to horrible memories and neighbors we shall never see again? Maybe we don’t need stop signs. Maybe we need tombstones to make people slow down. We need to say “Someone died here! You could be next! You might be a victim! You might be a murderer!”

  • anonymous

    Thnak you for whoever posted the myspace link, seeing the real life persons face makes it seem more real. May God bless your soul and your family.

  • Anonymous

    My heart & deepest sympathy go out to Anthony- his wife, daughter & family. I was completely shocked and saddened when I learned who was involved in the accident. Please keep any fundraising information available*I’d love to help in any way. It’s such a tragedy.

  • Mike S

    I will post the information here , we would like to wait a week or two so things settle down and we can get as many people out as we can . Thank you for the support all the information such as time , date and location will be posted , Anything and I do mean anything from $1 to $100000 will help so please everyone check this page for the date . Thank you again and Anthony we love you

  • bklyn muff diver

    this was a bad crash,i ride and people in cars never watch or look when they drive ,then when they come close to hitting you they get mad like its your fault,he died because she tryed to beet him,she cut the turn early,i was told about the accident from a guy who was driving behind him and he said ant was not speeding,but the cut in front of him,i think she should be charged and do time,if he cut the turn early and hit and killed her hed be locked up !!!!my prayers are with his family

  • bklyn muff diver

    this was a bad crash,i ride and people in cars never watch or look when they drive ,then when they come close to hitting you they get mad like its your fault,he died because she tryed to beet him,she cut the turn early,i was told about the accident from a guy who was driving behind him and he said ant was not speeding,but she cut in front of him,i think she should be charged and do time,if he cut the turn early and hit and killed her hed be locked up !!!!my prayers are with his family

  • Connie

    I am real sorry for the loss of Antmoe especially for his young daughter that will now have to grow up without him. My husband was killed 4 years ago on the corner of Ave U and Stuart. He too was on a bike and he never got to see his daughter who was born a month later. I begged him not to buy that bike and like Antmoe he promised and swore he would go easy, not speed, just cruise with his buddies etc. It does not always have to involve speed as is stated in this tragic accident involving Anthony and this woman that must live each day with the thought and knowledge that a man died and she witnessed it. I cannot imagine the pain and the images serve to all his friends and loved ones that in one minute a life can be lost because of a bike. There is no room for a inch of mistake on a bike. His good friend states he has a baby on the way. I hope that you never ride a bike because like my husband it can be that you will never know your child. With the gas prices so many kids are riding and older adults too but it is not worth life for the price of gas. I am sure that Anthony did not wake up on the morning of July 1 and think this is my last day on earth. I am sorry that this had to happen he seems like a really beautiful person. My heart hurts for his beautiful daughter. I see that a ride is being planned for funds for his young daughter. How very ironic to ride for his daughters future when a “ride” took away his future.
    Put the bikes in the garage guys and I am sure that the donations will still come with your feet safely planted on the ground. When a donation site is arranged please let us know I will contribute. Rest in Peace Anthony you obviously were loved.

  • Please

    Have a little class — take the photos down. You need to understand this young man has relatives, and seeing those photos is painful and distressing.

    What’s more, this man has a daughter…how would you feel as a child if you were searching to see what the legacy of your parent was, and these photos came up?

    Do the right thing — remove the photos.

  • Mike and Erin Donato

    Antmoe you are a great person and will be missed by everyone who knew you!!!!


  • Colleen

    Antmoe you will be missed, you were such a great guy. We will never forget you.


  • anon

    if you read the other comments one of his family members said to keep it up….are you a family member?

  • anon

    maybe what some of these kids or young men need is a content reminder as to what can happen when riding these bikes…although they never seem to learn…again my prayers go out to his family members, friends and is little daughter

  • anonomous

    Motorcycles are not the problem. Irresponsible or recless driving is. People die in cars, trucks , planes etc. should we ban all transportation??

  • cousin

    Only one family member out of the entire family wants these pictures up. Everyone – including Anthony’s mother and sisters – are saddened and outraged by these photos. I actually stood by and consoled his sister as she viewed these photos last night. Once the tears stopped, the anger came on.

    These pictures are causing a great amount of distress to a family who is reeling from this unexpected loss of a beautiful person. Unfortunately, the editor of this Web site seems to care more about the shock value and less about the real life human suffering that these pictures are causing a great deal of people.

  • Anonymous

    what if the accident photos wind up in the paper? what then? you cant contact them and ask them to be taken down.

  • More annons

    dont look at them. take care of your family fuck the internet.

  • More annons

    and the paper

  • GG#2

    To the person who wrote a comment on July 3, 2008 at 2:29 pm,

    OBVIOUSLY, we cannot stop some things that may be printed and may wind up in the paper but at least some of the things stated and posted online can be CONTROLLED…especially if they are causing additional tremendous PAIN and GRIEF to Baby Anthony’s family and friends!!!

    Maybe you should get common sense and of course, consideration too before you post another comment!!!

  • More annons

    Cliclk on what used to be the picture and you can still see them.

  • Yes, I removed the pictures of the scene from this page and will have them “down” for a few more days.

    They will remain on the flickr page.

  • annon

    to the person that said get off the bikes why dont you stop driving a weapon so that there is no chance of you killing someone on a bike then bikes would be safe dont blame the bike blame the driver she didnt witness anything she caused it and should be charged with murder please psot the fund raiser and continue what your are doing i dont see the driver doing anything for his family

  • anon

    I’m sorry to hear that they got so upset about the pictures…as i would be if it was my brother, cousin or son and if the mother and sister are so upset then out of consideration they should of bee taken down which they were…I don’t think gerritsen beach.net meant to upset anyone..so for the people putting neg comments about these pictures being posted give them a break…I doubt it was done to harm or upset any family members and we are all guilty cause we all came on the website and looked at them…..I’m sure all of our prays are with the family member affected…god bless them!

  • anon

    the person the posted the comment about the driver…whether or not the driver or anthony was at fault one person died and other was sent to the hospital it was an accident and this women has to live with this for the rest of her life..i think it’s very messed up of you to post a comment like that do you even know this person? if she was speeding or drunk that would be nothing story…and how do you know that family isn’t going to do anything? they sure they are very upset about the death of this guy…it was a horrible thing…how many people died on this ave froma motorcycle accident…i understand the angry towards the person who hit him….but lets not let these comments get out of control…these comments should be well wishers to all families involved not to blame anyone…if i was that driver i would be heart broken and devastated…put urself in her shoes….that could of been anyone of us!

  • Mike S

    I realize this is the internet and we live in the good ole USA where we have freedom of speach and I am constantly on this page , But for just a little while can we keep the hate and anger away? I ride and I know just as well as a police officer knows that he could get killed ,I could get killed at anytime ,my fault, someone elses fault , or just a accident like this one .Riding was something he loved and enjoyed with a passion so lets not put blame anywhere or on anyone and remember Anthony here , no one controls fate and God has the best angel he could have by his side .The wake and arrangements are set for Friday and Saturday let our brother rest in peace and keep a smile on his face with the positive postings from friends and Family that know what a good person he IS! Thank you



  • anonymous

    GB.net started this site, he posts pictures of everyday happenings in around the beach. It is very unfair to come and look at the pictures on this site and make demands. Let us grieve for the person instead of getting angry at an innocent person who has been doing a great job keeping us informed via pictures and the comments. This is why we come here, good or bad, happy or sad.

  • Comments like yours motivate me, and make me glad i’m doing this site! Thank you so much.

    For the record, this post has broken all GerritsenBeach.net records: in page views, unique visits, and returning visits.

    Also 1,200 people visited the site yesterday.

  • anon

    Anthony was truly a “gentleman”. Always had time to chat with you. A generous person with his time and whatever someone needed. God bless his family and give them the strength to deal with this now and in the future…..

  • anon

    agreed may him rest in peace!

  • Mark

    I am Anthony’s uncle. He was my only brother’s only son. I am sure that I can speak on behalf of our family when I say thank you to all those that have posted their prayers, concerns and best wishes for us. Particularly, I say thank you and God Bless to Connie and her family. I pray for the woman involved in this accident because I am sure that she will live with pain, either emotional, physical or both for a long time. I also say thank you to my nephew Michael for his heartfelt and articulate posting. You’re getting it. I am proud of you and I love you.

    I only speak for myself though when I say that I would like all pictures to be posted. If people including friends and family do not want to see them they can simply stay away from this site. We have much else to occupy our time with anyway and there is a lesson to be learned here that should not be lost. The pictures of what is now our reality serve to teach it.

    Anthony was a wonderful kid in many ways and he grew to be a decent man. He never looked to hurt anyone, he had an infectious smile and he always had a kind word. Unfortunately, the potential he showed to be a wonderful father was cut short. The wonderful times that he spent with his daughter brought them happiness and give us memories. The tragedy is that she will not remember them.

    Yes, you can get hit by a car crossing the street, or slip in a bathtub and hit your head, or be a police officer who gets shot. The fact that the drastic difference needs to be explained is stunning to me as I replay this very same conversation that I had with Anthony just a few weeks ago at my daughter’s HS graduation party. I’m not here to say I told him so, because I know that many others also did and, quite frankly, that would be pointless now. Yes, accidents happen, people get sick and cops get shot. When you get sick you are unlucky.When you put your life on the line, as one of my other nephews now does, to provide for your family you are being a responsible, contributing member of society. When you tempt fate for a passion, whether you recognize and accept the potential disaster, as Mike S. claims to, or not you are simply being selfish and increasing the odds that tragedy will strike. Perhaps all you riders out there can live with that. Perhaps you knowingly take the bet. Perhaps you just bury your head in the sand and think it won’t happen to you. If you have a child though, it is incomprehensible to me. As the child of an unlucky woman, I can tell you from experience that growing up without a parent simply sucks. I do not profess to be a perfect father or uncle and I will even confess to an appreciation for speed, but bikes and the City don’t mix.

    Please look at the photos, the good, the bad and the ugly. Really look and think. Think about your children. Their future is not something you should be willing to gamble with. Think about your parents. No mother should have to bury a son. Think about all those whose lives will be effected and forever changed for your passion. It can happen to you.

    I ask for your continued prayers for my young neice, her mother, Anthony’s mother and sisters and all of us who loved him and will now miss him as we do his father every day.

  • Connie

    Thank you so very much to Anthony’s beloved Uncle Mark for your prayers for me and my family. That was so touching it brought tears to my eyes that through your own horrible pain and loss you have geninue love and an unselfish heart to extend your sympathy to me and my little daughter.
    I now see where Anthonys kindhearted compassionate ways must have begun and continued to his last day. It is obvious that he has a beautiful family from the letter that was posted here by his Uncle Mark.
    I do not mean to come here and make people upset about riding as I know Annon accused me of driving a “weapon”. My husband was not killed and horribly decapatated because of an accident involving a car but rather swerved and lost control of his bike avoiding a woman that had been crossing against the light on Avenue U 4 years ago this coming Sunday.
    I cannot express to you the heartbreak and the lasting effects of the thoughts and the images that would run through my head as I lay awake at night, still after all these years it is torment. I have pictures too from the local paper the Bay News and my husbands mangled belongings from that horrible day handed to me by the morgue attendent.

    The what if’s are endless. I realize that yes it is true we drive in cars buses and trucks. We fly in planes true. We know that yes the police all take a chance in the line of duty each day on the job, but there is nothing and no one that will ever convince me that if Anthony were in a car on July 1 that he would not be here today. Oh how I wish that were true! The crash was at supposedly a low rate of speed as a witness claims that Anthony was not speeding and the woman in the jeep was turning. So what I was trying to express the other night in my post was that yes a accident probably would have occured on that corner BUT had Anthony been in a car a bus a truck the chance of a minor injury and damage to each car would have occured but on a bike there is NOTHING between you and the asphalt nothing between you and a tree ( as in my dead husbands case) My husband John loved to ride too, he was experienced he did not speed he belonged to a riding club etc, but I begged him his mother begged him especially when I was a month away from giving birth to our only child please do not ride any more it is just way too dangerous. It is tempting fate and I know that we all drive and can have an accident it happens each day but my point is the chance of being killed are greater on a bike.
    Anon Please do not have hatered for that woman that was involved she will live with this each and every day. When I said she “witnessed” it I meant yes she NO DOUBT did witness Anthonys last moments. Your anger is nothing I am sure in comparison to her pain. If she is found to have been negligent or under the influence then yes she should be charged but right now we do not know. You can be upset with me too nothing can hurt me as much as knowing how and why my husband died.
    Ride on if that is what is so important and so worth defending. Just please take a moment to think about the endless pain those who love you so very much will endure because even in a low speed crash on a bike the chance of being killed or brain damaged or crippled are 100 times higher and in your heart and head you know it is true.
    I wonder so many times if my husband KNEW that he would die so horribly that day if he had a way that morning to know that by 1 pm he would be gone would he have still got onto his bike that he loved so much? Would he could he have loved the bike so much more than loving life? Loving me? Loving his baby girl? How about his parents and GRANDPARENTS ? For parents to bury a child grandparents to bury a grandson. For me to bury the love of my life.
    Rest in Peace Anthony and my prayers to all of his beautiful family. My heartbreaks for each one of you. I will be in the back of OLG on Saturday morning and you will be in my prayers each night after that.

  • x

    dont e comments about the driver not knowing anthing she deserves to be triaed for murder, he was a great guy understand what the familys are going througth it is a tought time and we all know that

  • Ryan

    I LOVE YOU ANT..No matter what or how or why this happened, you will always be my best man, and friend.
    I thank the web host for removing the pics, but at the same time I did not condone them. You decided what you thought was best and I respect that.
    As for all the negative comments, please stop. Anthony would never leave one and that should be respected.
    Thank you for all the support and keep Anthony in your minds, hearts and prayers.
    As for the other individual involved in this accident, may she know, I dont think any legal or civil action would befit her. She has to live that tragic moment in her mind for the rest of her life. Anthony would forgive her and I, in my soul, have done the same. May God bless her too.

    Please to all you riders, think about this now, tomorrow, and every day. As I now know, all to well what it is like to lose such a dear friend. And please all other drivers please, just take that extra precaution. Bikes are everywhere, and this accident will not take them off the road.

    THANK YOU to everyone who has put there opinion on here. I have read every one of them, see all their points, and now wish for my brother to rest in peace. And God bless his Child, family, friends, and all those touched by his genuine, caring soul.

  • more annons

    this site is great and gives people a place to vent quickly. you cant comment to the world with a paper.

    GB.net you bowed to pressure I understand but you disappoint me would you remove pictures of the solovian kid?or anything else? don’t remove everything people ask you to. its a nasty slippery slope trust me.

    I came to the site the other day in hopes news of the accident would be here, It was with pictures.

    It makes the situation more real.

  • Anonymous

    Very well said Mark and Connie. My prayers and sympathy go out for both of you.

  • cousin jenn

    I love you so very much. And I will think about you and miss you every day. I promise to tell Izzy all of our funny stories from childhood and make sure she knows just how much you adored her. I can’t imagine life without you. You always made me laugh and I will miss that great, big smile of yours. I look forward to seeing you again one day when we can take our usual walk to the corner store and buy a Hawaiian Punch and a Nutrageous. Our bond will go on forever. I love you, my sweet cousin.

  • anon

    your an idiot x for making a comment like that after his mother made that tearful comment and by the way read a law book or something cause that’s not murder and wouldn’t charged with that even if it was her fault…..it was an accident…sympathy to the family..

  • 61 Pct Highway Safety

    Condolences from the 61 pct Highway Safety. Our prayers go to Anthonys family. This was a tragic accident, we lost a friend, father, brother, and son. To all you motorcyclist out there please be careful, and be there for each other. Unfortunately most of the time the only accidents you hear about is when someone tragically passes away, but motorcycle accidents happen on a daily basis especially in the 61 pct. If you haven’t done so please go to the DMV and get a Valid Motorcycle license, and go out and get a DOT approved helmet they might not be “cool” but they are safe. Be aware of your surroundings, and proceed intersections with EXTREME CAUTION. Please help me make this the last wake ill have to go to for a deadly accident respect each other and share the road safely.
    -61 Pct Highway Safety Officer P.O Cafaro

  • Ryan

    Thank you Officer Cafaro, for your condolences. It means a lot to me and all of Anthony’s family, friends, and supporters. Your advice is true and should be followed by every rider all over the place not just in our area.. Once again thank you.
    I was Anthony’s best friend from age 7, He would appreciate everything you guys did for him. Hearing you respond to this tragedy made me feel better. It showed you actually cared for him. I don’t know if you ever met him or knew him, but he had respect for all those in uniform and he would be content knowing you cared that much about him and his fellow riders.

    RIP Antmoe

  • Lisa

    To the family of Anthony. I met Anthony once through his cousin, Jenn. He came to our prom with us. We had a great time all weekend in Wildwood. Here was funny and VERY kind. He held my hand while I got my belly button pierced. He kept trying to take my mind off the pain. When I almost passed out, he sat by my side. What a great guy. To the whole family, I am here if anything is needed.

  • Christine

    To all friends and family of Anthony “Antmoe”

    I myself was a very close friend of anthony, and he was one of the greatest guys i knew. He didnt deserve for this to happen to him! i miss him very much and he is still very loved in my family! He grew up with my family for a very long time! Everyone who hears about the tragic death of a great guy is devestated. But it is one thing Anthony always told me to do when i was upset and im sure he would want everyone to do the same….”keep my chin up and keep a smile on my face!!!”
    And i think even through his death he is watching us all and he would not want us to be sad, but for us to smile and try to be happy and have a good time!! My thoughts and Prayers go out to his family and friends!

    Ant I Miss & Love you Christine