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Seba Avenue Park Featured in HD Video

Joe Mikos Short HD Edit 2008 from Joseph Mikos on Vimeo.

Picture of the Week: Gaggle of Geese!

Whats plural of gesse? Gesses? Gessen? Gooses? :)  Anyway its a great picture from PhotoJeff

This is What’s Happening with Mau Mau

Whats happening with Mau-Mau you ask? as previously reported it is being cleared out by heavy equipment but there is more.

Let’s start this off by saying there are two separate projects that have to do with Mau-Mau. One is a New York City Parks project mandated by the DEC and the other is a Gateway National Park project (federal). I have posted about the Gateway project in the past so this post will only have to do with the New York City Parks Project.

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Marty Goldens Public Safety Town Hall Roundup

Last night was Marty Golden’s public safety “town hall” style meeting. At this meeting, people were given the chance to discuss public safety issues and had their issues addressed directly by the people in charge; the 61st captain and the 63rd inspector. It wasn’t a large crowd. Around 75 people had signed in […]

P.S. 277 Scores 97.2% on State Reading Test One of the Top 5 Schools in the City

Our PS. 277 had one of the best scores in the city, having on of the top 5 reading scores in the city. Good for them!

Best reading scores IS 187: 98.9% IS 187: 98.9% IS 392: 98.3% PS 172: 97.6% PS 277: 97.2% PS 31: 94%

Today is a Gerritsen Beach Town Hall on Public Safety

Hosted by State senator Marty Golden, there will be a public safety meeting held TODAY at the Cort Club @7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Mau Mau Island Demolition Activity

A lack of a boat prevents me from taking my own pictures but there is heavy equipment on Mau Mau and they are clearing the island.

If you have any pictures or can take some of your own email me the pictures. If you cant email me get them developed and then find […]

Update to the Knapp Street Accident

In case your not following the comments on Serious Motor Vehicle Accident Closes Knapp Street, there is an update worth mentioning.

The comments had a family member story  and a first responder recount.

Family Member:

I’m related to the victim in this accident. He is a NYC police Officer. Just graduated in December. […]

When is a spot “your spot”?

Short Answer: Never

Long Answer: Unless you live on a block with 3-5 houses it’s not your spot. Even then it’s not your spot. If someone is parked there park elsewhere. It might be annoying if you cant park 5 feet from your house or gate, get over it and walk.

This happens […]

Coney Island Mermaid Declares Hunger Strike to Protest City Plan

Savitri D aka 2008 Queen Mermaid is in the middle of her 4 day hunger strike. It is all to bring attention to the upcoming Coney Island Community Scoping Meeting and the new Coney Island developments.

She is fasting to draw attention to a destructive city scheme to reduce the compromised 60 acres […]

Mau Mau Island is Killing Hundreds of Horseshoe Crabs

Coming in Via House Call :)

Mau Mau/White Island is surrounded by hundred if not thousands of black sand bags which are holding the entire island together. Most of these bags are completely worn out from weather, tides and time. Over the last few years, these bags have been killing horseshoe crabs. You […]

Serious Motor Vehicle Accident Closes Knapp Street

Knapp street was closed due to a Serious MVA Saturday June 21st from Avenue V to Avenue W from at least 9:30 pm to 12:00 am

Does anyone know the details of this? There was a very large police presence and im curious to why they would shutdown a huge section of Knapp […]

Picture of the Week: Houses

[gkjarvis/houses, gerritsen beach]

SheepsheadBites: New Lundy’s Tenant Revealed!

[Frank Lynch]

via sheepsheadbites.com

We noted a few weeks ago that renovation of the Lundy’s space is underway; now we’re happy to bring you confirmation of the new tenant.

And the business that will be operating in the iconic building is… [cue drumroll]…

revealed here

Seba Avenue Park Trees Replaced

Right around Valentines Day earlier this year Seba avenue park had most of its newly planted trees snapped in half (7 Trees, A Bench, and a Valentine for a Broken Tree).

Now they have finally been replaced! They look to be a bit taller and thicker than the original trees, which will protect […]