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Manhattan Beach First Political Casualty “Beachside Patrol”?

The Manhattan Beach “BeachSide Patrol” is a private security force that patrols the quiet Manhattan Beach streets. At a cost of $400 a year residents can opt-in for its protective services. Resident usually call the patrol if they don’t feel it necessary to call 911.

After Manhattan Beach split into two groups, Beachside […]

Lundys Renovation Progress

Lundys in Sheepshead bay which has been closed since early 2007 and has stood since 1934, is currently being renovated to make way for a new gourmet food market and restaurant.

Lundy’s according to Steve Pappas, the building’s landlord, the as yet unnamed store is set to open early next year as a […]

Backweeds Homemade Shotgun Fun?

Thanks to Monsterzro for this wonderful tip.

I know “back weeds” has seen a lot over the years. Most of which no one will ever know. Ever.

There has never been a way to show others what you actually did: show off a fort or show off some party you had. It all […]

Gerritsen Avenue Store Closing

Liberty Fitness Center (2606 Gerritsen Avenue) closed.

Kings Music isn’t closing, sorry for the error.

Car Fire Pictures

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Sheepshead Bay Community Fights a Group Home at CB 15


Hasc Center is opening a new Group Home at 2055 East 21st Street, a one family detached home. Hasac Center is an organization that serves infants, children and adults who are developmental challenged or have learning disabilities. It also offers an array of services to the families of these individuals.

I know group homes are always a tough sell to local communities and this was no exception, the entire audience was filled with people from the area surrounding the group home.

According to state law the community board can do one of three things.

You may either: (l) approve the site recommended; (2) suggest one or more alternate sites; or (3) object to the establishment of a residence at the site because to do so in your Board’s opinion, would result in such a concentration of residential facilities that the name and character of the neighborhood would be substantially altered. Please note that under state law need or over-concentration of residential facilities constitutes the only legitimate ground upon which the community can object.

Not without my consent

I’ve never heard such ignorant and bigoted statements from a crowd ever before. One guy said children are calling it an insane asylum, others wanted background checks run on the Hasc clients, another said they had super human strength, another said they couldn’t control their sexual desires and would be sexual deviants. Then at one point a CB 15 board member heard members of that community say something to the effect of “its going to be torched anyway“. Another board member was so disgusted with the crowd that he had to leave the audience and be calmed down by a friend.

Despite the crowds resistance, Chairperson, Theresa Scavo kept the meeting running extremely smoothly. She took no crap from the crowd, kept it moving, and even took time out of the meeting to explain to the crowd how community board meetings work and what the crowd should expect.

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New Verizon Utility Pole Locations

[Photo courtesy of mylunchfell/flickr]

Via SheepsheadBites.com

According to Community Board 15 chairperson Theresa Scavo, Verizon will begin installing large poles – similar to telephone poles – in front of homes in order to deliver is FiOS fiber-optic service to the area. Scavo notes that once the pole is in the ground they will […]

Car Fire On Gerritsen Avenue

Anyone know what happened? First off, its pointing in the wrong direction and its not on cinder blocks.

Frank Solivan Memorial: One Year Later

Sunday, May 25th 2008

Frank Solivan, who was killed exactly a year ago in a motorcycle crash, has a memorial right at Gerritsen and Everett avenues

The memorial was completely overgrown and in disarray for most of the year but was cleaned up the day before, Saturday May 24th, for the Sunday with […]

The View Stolen by “The Breakers” Gated Community

[Boats on the water / sheepsheadbaybites.com]

See this view? This is the view from the would be stolen if the development known as The Breakers, is allowed to become a gated community. It already looks like it is gated.

CB15, and local civic will be fighting for public access to the […]

Memorial Day Parade

GerritsenBeach.net was not able to attend the parade, anyone have any pictures they would like to share with the rest of the class.

Jamaica Bay plagued by Horseshoe Crab thieves

Read more at Crab poachers, beware!

Please Dont Crap on Our Community

Signs have gone up on the guardrail side of Gerritsen Avenue, reminding pet owners to please pick up after their pets.

Girl Scout News

On Saturday, May 17th, three Girl Scouts from Gerritsen Beach were honored by Andra Douglas, owner of the New York Shark’s women’s football team at Floyd Bennett Field, next to the Aviator Sports Complex. The girls were given youth sized footballs, they took photos with team members & got autographs signed at their […]

Flags Go Up for Memorial Day

If you haven’t noticed, Gerritsen Avenue is covered in flags for Memorial Day. Looks great!