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SSJ Water Development Approved


Via SBPB Civic Message Board

The SSJ Development on Knapp Street now has all the permits needed to continue with constructions of their boat slips. A few months back there was letters of protest sent by hundreds of Gerritsen Beach residents to the Army Corps, but the Army Corps feels they addressed the community’s concerns with the new plans.

The new plans will still have the 18 slips but it will no longer have the L shape.

Mr. Jemal was recently quoted as saying: “I’m not changing anything. I’m revitalizing and redeveloping the waterfront, which has been abandoned in these areas,” says Stephen S. Jemal, founder and president of SSJ Development LLC. “The development keeps to the fabric and synergistically harmonizes with the existing community.”

From Terry:

As everyone knows Community Board 15 was notified in May 2007 that an application was filed with the Army Corps of Engineers for a marina at the Jamal Knapp Street project.

Last week I was contacted by a reporter for a Real Estate journal, the reporter claimed Mr. Jamal had all his permits in place. After several days of trying the Army Corps leaving several messages to confirm the reporter, I did find out that the State DEC and the Coast Guard have issued the permits needed.

The plans were changed but there still are 18 slips. I was told that the Army Corps saw no reason to hold a Public Hearing. They felt they received enough information with the letters of objection sent. The Army Corps claims they addressed all the Community concerns. The final permit from the Army Corps should be issued shortly.

This is not the outcome I expected.

8 comments to SSJ Water Development Approved

  • Damn

    Shit. What does this mean for Lacon Court? Does this mean he can do whatever the hell he wants to do? What he’s proposing over there is too much. Far too much.

  • They should have never knocked down Danza’s and here is why… http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1273595419433097016

  • F*cker

    Jemal also has plans to build 68 one-, two- and three-bedroom units starting at $349,000 in Gerritsen Beach;

    SIXTY EIGHT???!!!!

  • anonymous

    68 new homes translate to 238 more newbe’s and 68 or more car’s traveling down Devon ave . I’ve said this before , PUT THE DAME GATE BACK UP !!!!! . We can put the paintball guys on the parapet walls . The IBW wrestlers can man the gate, and the motorcycle guys can run messages and supply’s back and forth from the gate to head quarters . and if thing get bad we can use our secret weapon . We build a ramp in the middle of the Ave and let loose our dogs of war , the skate boarder . They fly up the ramp and then grind down on the heads of the invading army .

  • potsie weber

    stop him, stop him now.

  • anonymous

    Potsie ,just think about it . We can commandeer all the boats and start our own navy . We could become a third world power . Think of all the foreign aid we’d get .

  • lilg

    anonymous you are a big asshole …put up a gate you are out of your head…my dont you put a gate around your fat ass mouth

  • anonymous

    lilg lighten up , its a joke , you can’t really think anyone would be serious about putting up a fence . It would make more sense to dig up the roads and use our boats to go back and forth . we are all neighbors here please try to act that way . no one els is getting nasty . please try to take the comments the way there meant .