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Picture of the Week: Triple Parking = Awesome

16 comments to Picture of the Week: Triple Parking = Awesome

  • You made the The Gothamist:
    I love it……..Spread the the word

  • Gerritsen Girl

    How would you get by if they went ahead with Greenstreets? If you think these morons will move you are wrong, they are arrogant and don’t care about anyone else.

  • anonymous

    Wow your always so angry . Other people see the humor or irony in things posted here you just seam to see everyone as a moron who are arrogant and can’t spell . If I felt the way you seam to do about us arrogant morons , I’d move and really teach us a lesson . .

  • Anon-Anon

    Wait till the summer when the yellow school buses are parked up by the fields – you ain’t seen nothing yet!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh there not parked there’s people in the cars there just haveing a three way conversation in the middle of the street that’s all. God forbid they pull over. But hay everyone is ‘KING OF THE ROAD”.

  • mike24611

    well maybe if the 61st precinct, or the 63rd, if your on the other side of Gerritsen, would actually patrol here, maybe this would occur a little less often, but when you are paying $25,000 a year you cannot expect to attract personnel who can read a map, or read for that matter. and how about the amount of commercial vehicles parking overnite on the streets and taking up 2 or more spots, calling 311 is like calling the wall

  • Ginger

    True—it doesn’t look like those cars are actually parked. But it STILL creates a potentially dangerous problem for anyone approaching them on the road, in either direction. Also, it looks like the two cars on the right actually are parked, the left car is the only one with break lights on. The double parked cars still take up all of the room on the road and would force any approaching vehicle to enter into the grid.

  • AnonAnon

    They wouldn’t be able to do that with greenstreets, they wouldn’t fit.

  • Anonymous

    You can see the woman in the red car has her window down & head out. She is talking to the person in the other vehicle. TECHNICALLY they are not double parked just having a neighberly chat.

    Happens all the time.

  • Anon

    Yep me and my friends always meet right in the center of the Ave and chat, if anyone needs to get pass there is still plenty of room to go around.

  • WELL, something else to show the 61 (63) pct commander, or is this not important enough either?

  • N.F.M.

    Well, when are YOU going to the 61 or the 63 to show the commander? Or r u all talk no action?

  • annonymys

    heres the conversation

    1- theres the cop
    2 im not going first
    3-i cant either

  • Anonymous

    probably the same people who complain about the skateboard park.

  • anonymous

    oooooooooo good one………………