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A Great Danza’s Documentry

Remember Danza’s?

After featuring one of Joseph Mikos pictures he invited me to check out his Danza’s documentry that he filmed and edited.

Its a great documentary about about friends, skating and BMX’ing all focusing at what was Danza’s.

He covers the destruction of the building, which may be the only video of the destruction. The destruction is about 20 minutes in.

18 comments to A Great Danza’s Documentry

  • Danza's historian

    Is that the asshole developer Jemal in the beginning of the film?????? POS.

    I can give history of Danza’s before it was Danza’s – Paradise…….Charlie Baron ran the place. Ahhhh – sweet memories……misty water-colored memoriesss……..of the way we wereeeeeeee…..

  • Anonymous

    Yeah he is… he said it was locked, but they walked right in.

    I liked the video alot. I think it needed more cuts back to the commentary from the kids to keep the story moving. but i guess its a video for them and not for the public.

  • Danza's historian

    Please, the place was never locked up or gated. Before the building was taken down, the gates were wide open for anyone to walk in. He’s full of shit. The kids were always in there. People walked their dogs in there. People went on the docks too.

    Only when it posed as a liability did he do something about it. Initially, he started to take down the building without proper demo permits or even a fence, he was subsequently shut down, and then re-started after all his ducks were finally in a row. Bastard.

    But I digress, glad to see the kids made a video of their youth with something they had fun doing.

  • watergate

    this is the video of the skate group watergate cleaning the pool out it was made by kevin mcmorrow post this up

  • Brian Finley

    I worked at Danza’s for almost ten years before becoming a fireman. I have so many great memories of that place and all the friend who I got jobs for there. All the parties we worked and all the beer we took from Albert, Robert and Charlie (they ran the place). R.I.P. Danza’s Paradise Restaurant and Yacht Club!!

  • paulie

    hey, this is paulie i used to sing with jump street along with tommy and sal I was the drummer we used to do all the friday nights and parties catching this video brought back alot of memories. To albert robert and charlie whats up

  • john danza (son of albert)

    wats up… I am one of the sons of albert danza who owned Danzas… god I miss that place.. my whole child was in there… I used 2 spend every summer day in that place… my father had it beautiful n now wen I look at it its a shithole… just amazin how dat used 2 b a beautiful place

  • DJ Jeff

    I was the DJ there for a few years. Loved Charlies chicken on a bone

  • DJ Jeff

    How's your dad….

  • Mary E

    memories…..we ate dinner there a lot and they used to make a special zuppa d mussels for my husband no one else could eat because it was so hot!

    great family,,Dad Albert, Momma…Albert Jr Robert and Charlie…too bad the neighborhood never supported the restaurant enought……we loved it….

    had a lot of good parties there…bowling dinners, showers…..sweet 16 and birthdays…nice family and they always did the right thing for their guests!

  • alyssa r.

    I have such fond memories of this place and it is so sad to see it now. I remember back in 85 or 86 coming here playing all of us kids and jumping in the pool doing canon jumps. The old ladies would scream and say watch the hair!! I remember hanging out with domenica danza and I had the biggest crush on your brother vinny!! Going to the bar having shirley temples!!!! LOL. The best calamari ever made!!!! This place will sure be missed

  • Lauren Dayboch

    Hey! I remember the PYC from way back!! My grandparents were one of the original owners!! I was one of the lifeguards there in 1976!
    I had so much fun!! The old ladies would yell at the kids, and we had nicknames for the old people.

  • DJ Ronny D

    I Jammed in Danzas. Great Place in its Day…Anyone
    remember the Bay Club on Knapp Street ?

  • Jamie R. Stone

    I. Cannot. Play. This. Video.

    Host it on YouTube, please. Thanks. I used to swim at this place and would like to see what’s become of it.

  • Still here

    You would cry if you saw it now ! Looks like a war zone.