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Proposed Gerritsen Inlet Bridge

The Gerritsen Inlet Bridge was built in 1940. It is a nine span structure over Gerritsen Inlet, with a clearance of 35 feet above the Mean High Water mark. It is located within the Gateway National Park Recreation area, DOT is working with the Coast Guard and the US Parks Service and NYC […]

New Nostrand Bridge

Slated to begin in late 2008, the reconstruction of these bridges are slated to take as long as six years, but DOT promises limited disruption of traffic.

Situated in the Sheepshead Bay community, the Nostrand Avenue Bridge was built in 1940, and is a three span  structure with vehicular traffic under the center […]

Mill Basin Draw Bridge to Become Fixed Bridge

The Mill Basin Bridge is adjacent to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and the Gateway National Recreation Area.  It is a movable draw bridge on the Belt Parkway with a clearance over mean high water of 35 feet.  The new structure will not be a draw bridge, but a fixed structure with a […]

The SSJ Development Blue Constuction Fence Goes Up

Over at the SSJ Development Riviera Suites the blue construction fence has gone up. Real construction will start soon.

New Dutch Farms Sports a New Color

Changing from Grey to Stucco beige.

Great Aerial Video of RC Planes at the Airplane Fields

Radio Controlled Society of Marine Park

No Posting Anything of Anykind – TV Edition

Little League Parade

Although I couldn’t be there to take some pictures. Thanks to Mrs. McCormick for sending these in. It looked like alot of fun for everyone.

Good luck to the Gerritsen Beach Little Leaguers this season.

Little League Parade

Does anyone have any pictures? I cant make it

Picture of the Week – Seagull

 [Hering Gull (Larus argentatus), Immature / PhotoJeff  Flickr]

SSJ Water Development Approved

Via SBPB Civic Message Board

The SSJ Development on Knapp Street now has all the permits needed to continue with constructions of their boat slips. A few months back there was letters of protest sent by hundreds of Gerritsen Beach residents to the Army Corps, but the Army Corps feels they addressed the […]

Law Office Now Dr. Office

2498 Gerritsen Avenue formally the Law Office, is now the offices of Dr. Peloro, Dr. Buono, Dr. Infantino, and Dr. Fasano. They used to be located at Whitney Avenue.

DOT Devices Destroyed

Recently on Gerritsen Avenue the Department of Transportation laid out 6 traffic counting devices at the intersections of Florence & Gerritsen, and Cyrus & Gerritsen.

Not surprisingly, 3 of them have been damaged to the point that they aren’t able to work properly. They have been cut, ripped up and moved, and in […]

Getting the Ball Fields in Shape

Parks Department and Gerritsen Beach residents have been working hard all week to get the Baseball Fields into shape.

Traffic Signal Coming to Brigham Street and Avenue V

The All Way Stop Sign on Avenue V and Brigham Street is going to be replaced soon with a traffic light.

For all the Channel Avenue traffic light advocates, this intersection obviously met the requirements for a light.