Bodies Found in Car Set on Fire in Jamaica Bay

[Car Fire/Flickr]

Saturday night, after putting out a car fire near the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, firefighters found two bodies in the trunk. The ME’s office says they were victims of “homicidal violence, including blunt-force trauma of the head,” before being burned.

The owner of the now-burnt Porsche SUV and one of the victims was father of two Siaka Kone, the Daily News reports. Kone, a businessman from the Ivory Coast who lived in Harlem, owned a livery cab service and beauty supply store.

Kone’s brother Braheem said his pregnant sister-in-law became worried when he didn’t arrive home. Also, Kone had left the house on Friday with another friend, whose car remains parked outside of Kone’s house. The News also says Kone was shot twice in the head. His brother said, “I am shocked. I just hope that they find the person who did it.”

According to the NY Times, the site “has been used as a dumping ground for the bodies of organized-crime murder victims.”

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