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Brooklyn View Stealing Photos

In the latest issue of the Brooklyn View there is a photo in one of the articles of the El Greco diner in Sheepshead Bay. I instantly recognized this picture as a picture from Flickr, a photo sharing website. Flickr allows authors to post their photos, share with friends and family, and even allow commercial use of their photos if the author allows it. In this case, the author does not allow commercial use. There are two types of licenses on Flickr: “All Rights Reserved” and “Creative Commons”, which has about 6 variants.

The photo that they used has a very specific “All Rights Reserved” license which means that the author of the photo owns the photo and controls how its used. The Brooklyn View decided to ignore copyright law, bypass the authors rights and to make matters worse they didn’t even credit the author properly only using “Photo: Flickr” not a link to the picture, not the authors user name, and certainly not the authors real name.

This subject of copyright is a very touchy subject with me. It may not be a touchy subject with you however I am in a business where I have to pay for images that I use in Web or Print marketing. They aren’t cheap either they go from a few dollars to a few thousand. I absolutely hate when people steal photos, especially mine (**cough** GBFD ** cough**). If you ask who knows I might say yes.

7 comments to Brooklyn View Stealing Photos

  • Gerritsen Girl

    I agree whole heartedly with you, if you have to pay for images you use, a multi-millionare can do so also. It is very arrogant and you sometimes resent when some people feel they can get away with stuff and not have to follow rules.

    Are you going to report it, is anything going to happen to the owner of El Greco?

  • I guess this story is killing two birds with one stone by letting you know about the photo and that the greco thing may not be true.

  • Carol

    It’s funny that you report a stolen photo by stealing their photo and article…look who is calling the kettle black.

  • Its a perfectly legit use. Its called “Fair Use / Fair Dealing” under US Trademark law.

    but carol…thanks for the copyright lesson.

  • client-10

    Mr. Glass House:

    um. “fair dealing” has nothing to do with it …nor does “trademark law” what you are stabbing at is “fair use” as defined in section 107 of the U.S. Copyright code. but um.. not really close at all.

    if you have an ax to grind with Brooklyn view. try using opinions or facts that matter to brooklynites, save the legal-hair splitting. makes you look petty, in fact it is petty.

  • Your right..Ugh. I meant to say under copyright instead of trademark…. ive been thinking about trademarks alot recently so I said trademark instead of copyright.

    No axe to grind. Its just wrong for an upstart paper or anyone to do this. I also thought it was interesting.

  • client-12

    Axe to grind? When you’re right you’re right, u don’t need to grind an axe. As for the “Mr. Glass House” comment isn’t it soooo easy to knock people when you can remain anonymous client-10? soooo easy, I LUV IT!