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Foursome Diner aka Gaping Hole

This is what is left of the Foursome Diner.  It will soon become a Walgreens.

Picture of the Week – Seba Avenue Park In Action

[Flickr / Banana Boardslide (Nov. 2007)]

Mill Basin: Your Ad Here

Bay News: Manhattan Beach Schism

Here is an article covering the formation of the new Manhattan Beach group. Im glad they aren’t called the Manhattan Beach Civic Group and are called the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association, makes things less confusing.

Détente is dead in Manhattan Beach.

A disgruntled faction of Manhattan Beach Community Group (MBCG) members announced […]

7 Bridges on Belt to be Rebuilt

[Mill Basin Bridge/ Flickr]

With a cost of over $500 million dollars, the city’s Department of Transportation (DOT) will begin reconstruction of seven bridges and their approaches to the parkway over the next coming years.

Bay Ridge Avenue Fresh Creek Gerritsen Inlet Mill Basin Nostrand Avenue Paerdegat Basin Rockaway Parkway

The new Mill […]

Picture of the Week – Cute Baby and Beer

Tamaqua St Patricks Day

Manhattan Beach Community Group: We are the main game in town

Although the formation of the Manhattan Beach Civic Group was not discussed during the Manhattan Beach Community Group’s meeting, it was allude to by the President Ira Zalcman, of the community group by saying: “We are the main game in town, we are strong, we will do well. ”

I spoke with Ira […]

Manhattan Beach a Community Divided, New Group Forms

Manhattan Beach now has two community groups. The new group is called the Manhattan Beach Civic Group, which will be headed by the Vice Chairman of Community Board 15, Dr. Alan Ditchek. The existing group is the Manhattan Beach Community Group, which is headed by Ira Zalcman.

When we last heard from Manhattan […]

St. Patricks Day @ The Tamaqua

No matter how you spent your st. patricks day I hope everyone was safe and had a good time. I spent my day at the Tamaqua, where there was good food, Irish step dancing from Maureen OReiley O’Malley and a live band (Alive N Kickin’)

There really isn’t a story but I took […]

Bodies Found in Car Set on Fire in Jamaica Bay

[Car Fire/Flickr]

Saturday night, after putting out a car fire near the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, firefighters found two bodies in the trunk. The ME’s office says they were victims of “homicidal violence, including blunt-force trauma of the head,” before being burned.

The owner of the now-burnt Porsche SUV and one of the […]

Utility Pole Turned into a Splinter

Saturday night was definitely not fun for the people involved in this crash. A car completely turned a utility pole into a splinter and ended up in a yard off Beacon Court, destroying the fence and yard.

Marty Golden to Host a Community Outreach Hour at Library

On Friday April 4th 2008 from 12pm to 1pm at the Gerritsen Beach branch library Marty Golden is hosting a Constituent Outreach where you can “Let the senator know how you feel about issues facing the State and our neighborhood”.

The Semi-New Problem on the Avenue

These guys were using their jackets to catch the wind to sail down the avenue. It looked they were having fun, until they noticed me driving down the center at them with a camera pointed right at them.

Yes, green streets would of solved this problem, however, just in case you didn’t know, […]

Check Out the Awsome Community Calendar

Thanks to Brandi and everyone that has been emailing me and posting events on the message board!

We all have a great place to go to for local events. So keep it up!


Picture of the Week: Dead Horse Bay

[Photo courtesy of Nathan Kensinger Photography]

Dead Horse Bay lies at the southern edge of Brooklyn. Once a marsh, this area was slowly filled with rubbish. Its name comes from the carcasses from a nearby horse rendering plant that would wash up on its shore. The landfill was capped after the refuse of […]