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El Greco Diner May Be Closing

[El Greco at Night/Flickr]

El Greco Diner, at 1821 Emmons Ave. in Sheepshead Bay, may be closing down soon. Prudential Douglas Elliman broker Diane Kramer confirmed that a contract on the one-acre waterfront site has been signed, but wouldn’t name the buyer or its sales price. It’s been listed for $23 million as a potential development site zoned for low-density residential with a commercial overlay.

29 comments to El Greco Diner May Be Closing

  • Why, God…WHY??? The development peeps better stay away from my Clements, or else there will be H-E-L-L to pay!

  • Gerritsen Girl

    More frigging Russians to roam Sheepshead Bay, I swear you go buy and you think you’re visiting Moscow

  • Good News for the Foursome Diner opening on Nostrand I guess.

  • Dana

    I heard rumors about that for a while. More condos coming in I think.. Who needs businesses on emmons ave when you can have wall to wall “luxury condos”. Sickening.

    But then again.. that diner does kinda suck – as do most of the diners in brooklyn (sadly).

  • Dust

    Another one bites the dust. Almost all diners are gone around here even the one off the belt by Cropsey Ave.

    I wish the Foursome would have gotten a bigger location. Its kinda small over there and parking stinks to boot.

    Anyone know what ‘retail stores’ are going to be on Gerritsen and U? By Donalson’s old gas station? Maybe another Svetlana nail salon.

  • Rob

    It’s going to be a Walgreen’s.

  • goerge is a dick

    the owner has no class.

  • Aex

    This Diner sucks. Russians Rule, you american bastards:)

    • Anonymous

      @Aex, lol you would say that cause your russain but really..you cant really believe that..and if it does “rule” then why the hell are you here…something to think about

    • Anonymous

      you seem to hate Americans…why don’t you go back to where you came from?

    • anonymous

      Yes you love American!

      Free food stamps,free medical care. welfare with your different social security numbers.

      You are not high class you are low class looking for handouts

  • Anonymous

    My guess is since an up-scaled Mall is about to open in that area, more Russians will want to live nearby. Afterall, shopping is what they live for. Yes, I agree more condos will go up for these ——- Russkies.

  • Anonymous

    Got that right.

  • Carl

    Many years ago, El Greco used to be a great place to eat with excellent service and good food. That was until the Russians come in.

  • Gina

    El Greco used to be our favorite restaurant for lunches. A lot of restaurants in that area were very good, but since immigrants have invaded this area, quality and service have gone down hill. El Greco, rest in peace.

    • Anonymous

      What do immigrant patrons have to do with the quality of food & service in any given establishment? The clientelle is different not the business?

      I can not believe you truly mean what you say

    • boris

      I agree, lets send them all packing to their home countries. America for the Americans, I mean native indians only.

      • Anonymous

        @boris, LOL you ahve all lost your minds..talk about talking crap..thats what americas about..we are all immigrant in some way shape or from..unless your freakin apache, cherokee, comanche or so on..people get over your bull shit..im not russain but i believe everyone has the right to live here and enjoy all that america has to offer

  • boris

    It about time that this 1980’s relic is replaced by a high quality Russian Resturant and mall catering to the new rich in this area. After all, without our spending, SB would be just like Coney Island

    • bagels

      MMM, your spending? Is that after the food stamps, section eight housing and medicaid assistance that is offered to you and your elderly/sickly relatives that follow you to America?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, thats pretty funny. The only reason my family doesn’t spend money down there anymore is because we don’t like being pushed or have people talking about you right in front of you in a foreign language. Did you know that they can buy caviar with food stamps? I almost died one day in the supermarket when the cashier unlocked the case containing the very expensive caviar and the guy paid in food stamps. When its all said and done, half our paychecks go to taxes that support this crap.

        • Julie

          Unbelievable! What are you all complaining about! The kids and grandchildren of those elderly do so much for this country in return! Everything is about money for you guys. Stop thinking about money, everyone spends money in this country, unless you want everything to be so damn equal with spending, you might as well be communists.

        • Anonymous

          I totally agree. To me, it’s “gimmie, gimmie, gimmie”

    • Anonymous

      I say B.S!

  • Tim

    I don’t think El Greco Diner isn’t going anywhere. It was just remodeled inside and looks AWESOME!!!

  • regina

    The russians have done nothing for America.Nothing.They are nasty,rude,ugly,shallow and bullies.The woman are neo nazi like bitches that push and shove american women and then stand in groups making fun of them.Aids ridden mail order rejects with stoney ugly faces.Go shop with ypur american assistance programs,you trash!

  • Anonymous

    I am laughing so hard. When my mother’s parents came here from Russia in 1914, it was different. There were no food stamps, welfare, etc. They came here to a free country, to better their lives, unlike today, where they come with riches. Did you ever see the jewelry they wear? Wish I could afford it myself!

  • Jeff

    El Greco has the lousiest service in the world. They get the orders wrong, and 2 days ago, ther were no more than 3 customers in the whole place, and after 30 minutes, I complained and walked out. This has happened before. Shame on me for coming back