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7 Trees, A Bench, and a Valentine for a Broken Tree.

The other day I posted about some constructive vandalism and straight up vandalism. I went back up to take another look and there were 7 trees completely destroyed at Seba avenue park. If you happen to go up to use the park and you see these trees try not to get to angry.

Whats even worse is that these trees might not be replaced for a very long time, possibly never.

With that in mind, I would like to take this moment to thank the derelicts who took part in destroying your community.

They also capped the poles that were removed. Hopefully no one else will get hurt.

but it is nice to see someone left a heart for a broken tree.

15 comments to 7 Trees, A Bench, and a Valentine for a Broken Tree.

  • Anonymous

    This park should have video with the police monitoring it. There are many future inmates living in GB. People who commit small crimes often graduate to big crimes.

  • terry

    Where is the out cry from the community over this………

  • Anonymous

    I agree Terry. People should be more upset with this then green streets.

  • Anonymous

    People should be upset. The problem is that most of them don’t even know. These are the parents who think their kids are the angels of Gerritsen Beach. Anyone see the fire last night? Probably started by one of these punks.

  • Bunch of cowards, they not kids. Those kids are bunch of criminals that have nothing better to do to destroy neighborhood property out of boredom. Scumbags must be caught and put in physical labor like cleaning streets, removing graffiti from properties and etc

  • Anonymous

    I saw graffiti on the corner of Everett ave and I think it was Ebony. I don’t remember which court exactly. It was on the corner on the sidewalk and the street. Some people are raising animals in this neighborhood.

  • Anon

    Yep, I remember when the brand new library opened and the next day some jerk broke a window. And what did everyone say? GB doesn’t need a library anyway, they need another bar.

  • thesmartestkidingb

    anon another bar lol ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh haa thats great…

  • Vigilante

    I will tell you right now who broke those trees in the park–his first name is Vincent, but all those kids call him Wee-man. I wish I knew his last name….anyone?? I am sure someone knows who I am talking about. This little piece of shit deserves a beating for his vandalism of this brand new park. He needs to be”outed” for this, and pay the consequences.

  • Im not sure about this whole “outing” thing. You didnt mention his last name so its cool.

    People were outing the snowman kid but I deleted those comments.

    Im going to have to ponder people outing each other on this site.

  • Vigilante

    Maybe “outing” was the wrong choice of words, but I think you see my point. What responsible person will disagree with me that this kid deserves some form of punishment? I know how you feel about the vandalism to the Bus shelters, so what would you do if you knew exactly who destroyed one of them? This is not about being a rat, it’s about trying to stop this cancer that is ruining this neighborhood, by making an example out of this little mutt. I understand your position on outing people on this site. However, I’m sure there are alot of people accessing this site who know who this kid is, so some form of justice is deserved for lowlifes like this that live among us, and ruin everything good we and our children are just trying to enjoy. This neighborhood obviously needs to help police itself, so if it starts with this Vincent ”Weeman”, so be it. And what a credit to your website if it actually helped this kid face the music, in some form or another. That would be making a difference in this community. As much as I would personally like to kick this kid in the ass, I believe maybe the Parks Department Police, or local precint(61 or 63?)could use this information to give this kid, (and his parents) the legal beatdown he deserves.

  • Vigilante

    Just wanted to add that what the snowman kid did, and what was done to those trees in the park, are light years apart. No Crime in smashing a snowman, just bad judgement and mean spiritedness. Destruction of Public Property-Criminal Mischief, maybe nearing the felony level for that park vandalism.($1000.00 worth of damage—7 trees and a bench plus the labor and salary paid to replace them, if they ever get replaced)

  • mike24611

    what a waste, why do we even bother to try and make the neighborhood better, there are way too many knuckleheads who would be better off lighting themselves on fire, or drowning themselves at the point. And they know who they are, and they are never gonna change and neither is this neighborhood, as soon as something nice is done, some moron ruinsit, the skate park, the airplane field, the bus shelters, when does it end? when the people who know the mutts responsible take care of them on their own

  • Anon-Anon

    Or when everyone stops defending these kids and the parents put down the beer and say enough is enough.