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Which One of These Things Doesn’t Belong: Avenue Edition

Continuing with our “one of these things doesn’t belong” game; up next is 2892 Gerritsen Avenue. If you missed last episode check out: Allen Avenue Lets Play a Game With This New House.

Here are the zoning requirements for new york:

New height and setback rules which limit overall building height maintain the […]

Picture of the Week – Swan Wishing for Green Streets

El Greco Diner May Be Closing

[El Greco at Night/Flickr]

El Greco Diner, at 1821 Emmons Ave. in Sheepshead Bay, may be closing down soon. Prudential Douglas Elliman broker Diane Kramer confirmed that a contract on the one-acre waterfront site has been signed, but wouldn’t name the buyer or its sales price. It’s been listed for $23 million as […]

Site helps you find rotten neighbors

RottenNeighbor.com lets you add “rotten neighbors” to a Google map. I see nothing but trouble coming from this.

Here is the Gerritsen Beach Area Link

From the site’s “About” page: RottenNeighbor.com is here to help. It’s the first real estate search engine of its kind, helping you find troublesome neighbors before you sign […]

New York accent: Still talking the tawk?

VIA AM New York

AM-NY’s trying to determine what a real native NYC accent sounds like and where it is.

Looks like they skipped Queens. I love the brooklyn accent from the girl in Bensonhurst.

Four Stolen Tires on Seba Avenue – Did you see anything?

The other night right on Seba Avenue four tires were stolen from a 2003 honda civic right on seba avenue. This is the first time i’ve ever heard of this happening.

Coming in via e-mail:

I have only lived in Gerritsen Beach for a year now but my husband grew up here. Last […]

Green Streets Dead…Again

[Flickr/Zombies on Gerritsen Avenue]

Unless the Department of Transportation is some sort of evil corporation and has a zombie formula that brings projects back to life, Green Streets is dead…again.

What killed the project this second time? It wasn’t any gunshots to the zombie head, it was a statement by John Quaglione the […]

Oysters to clean up Jamaica Bay

[Flickr/Oyster Bed Vista]

Via The NYTimes: I have completely chopped up the article so please read it.

Since there probably has not been an oyster in Jamaica Bay since the 1930’s, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, as an experimental project is going to establish oyster beds, not for harvest, but […]

Are We Being Lied To?

Just when we thought the Green Streets project was dead, turns out, it may never have actually died.

In the February 21st issue of the Bay News, a reporter from the newspaper asked the DOT about the project and the aftermath of the meeting. A DOT spokesperson said that “the project was still […]

Picture of the Week – Snow Man

With this most recent snow storm someone built a rather large snowman. It looks great. I knew what my picture of the week was going to be when I saw this.

I must have the most amazing timing because when I was going to take more up-close pictures, I saw someone approaching the […]

Devon & Joval Bulkhead Repair

Most bulkhead work in the beach is underway. Watch out for no parking signs so heavy equipment can be brought in.

B&B Carousell Historic Sign Obliterated with Paint Roller

[Top Image the Gowanus Lounge. Bottom photo courtesy of Captain Nemo, Coney Island Message Board]

Reposted from the Gowanus Lounge. Check it out!

While the B&B Carousell itself was saved and will someday reappear as part of the city’s planned Steeplechase Plaza, the sign for it that has been on Surf Avenue since […]

7 Trees, A Bench, and a Valentine for a Broken Tree.

The other day I posted about some constructive vandalism and straight up vandalism. I went back up to take another look and there were 7 trees completely destroyed at Seba avenue park. If you happen to go up to use the park and you see these trees try not to get to angry.


RCSMP Troubles

Do you know what the RCSMP stands for? Its the Radio Controlled Society of Marine Park. They use, maintain and fly all types of aircraft on the airfield behind Seba avenue park.

Recently, kids decided it would be fun to rip out a whole bench from the RCSMP’s few remaining benches and then […]

Bus Shelter Destruction

I hate it when this happens. Gerritsen and Lois Avenue