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3202 Avenue W has a Website!?

I usually see websites for condos or large developments but this is cool to see. 3202 Avenue W has a website. Its the building right on the corner of W and Gerritsen Avenue. The website is basically advertising its three apartments. As “A great apartment, a great neighborhood, a great deal.”

How great would it be if some of the houses down here need websites. I can think of a few.


2 comments to 3202 Avenue W has a Website!?

  • Ginger

    nice website—but a 7-minute ride on the b31 to Kings Highway? I must be taking a different b31.

  • Thanks for the link to my site. I thought I would do something different when I had to find a good tenant. I have received good feedback from people who came to see the house after viewing the site and 2 days later, the apartment is rented. Craigslist.org is my real estate broker of choice. :)

    @Ginger : I took a little creative license with the 7 minute bus ride! :)