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Golden Gate fate by secret meeting by Markowitz, Guess who’s not invited?

Brooklyn Borough President Markowitz might be looking to hold a small private meeting with the heads of both the SB/PBCA and the Bay Improvement Group regarding plans for the Golden Gate Inn, located on the corner of Knapp St. and Shore Pkwy. According to sources, Markowitz and his staff are very anxious to […]

A trip on the B31

There really hasn’t been any news  recently so I kept track of my trip on the B31.

To Kings Highway (Empty – 15 Minutes)

9:10 am – Lois Avenue 9:11 am – Library 9:15 am – Ave V 9:17 am – Ave U 9:21 am – Nostrand 9:24 am – Ocean Ave 9:25 […]

Picture of the Week – Creek at Sunrise

[ilikegreen / Flickr]

Florence Cioffi Killed by a Car in the City

Woman Who Survived 9/11 Is Killed by a Car in the City – NY City Room Technology company CEO involved in fatal hit-and-run in lower Manhattan – NY Daily News Brookville man charged in fatal hit-and-run Newsday Hi-tech mogul mows down bride-to-be – NY Daily News WALL ST. EXEC IN ‘SLAY’ RIDE -New […]

Lundys Skipped on $9,450 of their Debt

Via NY Post

Deadbeat restaurants owe more than $14 million for health-code violations, and The Brooklyn landmark Lundy’s closed last year with a debt of $9,450

Mysterious Nugget and Onyx Courts

Check out Nugget and Onyx courts on this city map but where is the “M” named court?

Rivieria Suites: Says Hay!

The Riveria Suites property put up a hay and sheet barrier along the water side.

Maybe this is to stop all of the dirt from blowing around, maybe its supposed to stop the imminent collapse of more of the property, or maybe they are going to start giving hay rides to local children.


Fire at Fridays

T.G.I. Fridays 3181 Harkness Avenue experienced a fire last night. No word on damages or where it actually happened more to come.

Brooklyn Bridge to Get Waterfalls

Via Reuters

Four giant waterfalls will be erected in New York for three months this summer in a public art project city officials hope will create $55 million in extra tourism revenue for the Big Apple.

The waterfalls, including one that will fall from the famed Brooklyn Bridge, are the brainchild of Danish […]

Grillin’ On The Bay New York City’s Only Barbecue Contest

Brooklyn and New York City’s first sanctioned barbecue contest is set for Memorial Day weekend 2008, to benefit the Corliss Johnson Memorial Foundation and The American Cancer Society. It is being held at and sponsored Kingsborough Community College.

There will be $20,000 total in cash prizes.

Its a long way away right now, […]

Picture of the Week – Its Just Lucys Lane


Jirovec gets an extra year

Via NY Daily News

Joseph Jirovec, 19, had pleaded guilty to the earlier racially motivated robbery of black teens in return for a six-month sentence, but his latest exploits on a Brooklyn Q train breached the deal.

Jirovec, who posed with a handgun pointed to the head of his girlfriend Kimberly Babajko in […]

How Much Would You Pay for Mike and Gerard’s Deli?

Well…Khan One Stop Multi Service Inc is asking for $349,000

Craigslist Ad for Mikes and Gerards (PDF) Mike and Gerard’s Seized Again

3202 Avenue W has a Website!?

I usually see websites for condos or large developments but this is cool to see. 3202 Avenue W has a website. Its the building right on the corner of W and Gerritsen Avenue. The website is basically advertising its three apartments. As “A great apartment, a great neighborhood, a great deal.”

How great […]

Sidewalk Sign Prohibition is History

Reposted from the Gothamist

Brooklyn bars and restaurants rejoice: you can once again put your sandwich board signs on the sidewalk without fear of tickets from the Department of Sanitation! Your free and effective method for seducing customers with daily specials and clever jokes about drinking the pain away is now perfectly legal. […]