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Its time to take a stand!

Read the above article for this to make sense:

This past Saturday December 22nd, I was reading a newspaper when I came across an excerpt written by a 60+ year old man, when this man yelled out, “Blame the Internet”!

I couldn’t believe what I just read. It was one of the most obscene outbursts I’ve ever read. There were 4 friends present around me who merely cursed at the man. I know the comment wasn’t directed at me, otherwise the man who said it, would be sleeping in his own bed comfortably, because I don’t threaten children or the elderly.

If this man is any indication of what we can expect of our elderly we are in a lot of trouble.

I have a theory on what’s causing much of the outrageous behavior by some of our elderly. I believe it’s the newspaper columns such as “Marine Park Bulldog”, and other similar columns available to anyone who wants to say anything about anything, whether its true or not, and rarely if ever, have to worry about the consequences of doing so.

In my opinion, the main reason so many people are reading the columns is because they suffer from a feeling of low self-esteem, and attempt to bolster their image with 15 minutes of fame. Its merely their way of getting noticed by those they believe don’t care much about them. Some columns attempt to do it in subtle ways, while others do it in the most outrageous manner imaginable.

The time has come to either shut down some of these out-of-control columns, or at the very least, the powers that be, should consider taking a hard look at what they can do to fix the damage that’s already been done to our society. That’s if it isn’t too late. They have become far too unsettling and dangerous to allow to continue unchecked.

Having said that, I realize that there are first amendment issues to be considered. However, I feel the rights of present and future victims are far too important to be ignored.

Tell someone to go on the internet, email and old friend, message them through Myspace, and see how good it makes you both feel.

Just a little more to read:

If this outburst wasn’t directed at this man why would he still threaten a 12 year old. I run into unpleasant people all the time, and I don’t threaten these people on this site.

Its nice to see that you dont know what you are talking about George when it comes to the scary internet.

By the Gerritsen Beach Rat

35 comments to Its time to take a stand!

  • Alex

    OMG this totally needed to be said and its totally funny.

    This guy might not even have a computer so your post might not get to him.

    Even if he does he’s still on Windows 3.2 and AOL Version 4.0

  • offramp

    Why is he always so angry?

  • mike24611

    Its funny this came up. I have been seeing that guy ever since I moved here and I always wondered exactly who thought that way, I would have to assume that there are still a few who do otherwise he would not be writing. I am in the middle( age wise) of his way of thinking and the editors here at GB.net but this isnt 1950 anymore so……

  • damn kids and their hula hoops, rock n roll and internet!

  • Anonymous

    damn the old people with their: sanka, dentures, am talk radio and newspapers.

    Seriously the guy is blaming one medium,the internet, for society’s problems when hes using newspapers,another medium, in the same fashion. Talk about a hypocrite.

    I dont even read the our news its mostly junk. I look at the pictures, and maybe some upcoming events. Maybe we need a new paper.

  • Anonymous

    wake up people our news is part of plot by the real estate industry in order to white wash Gerritsen Beach .

  • Anonymous

    that was really funny i hate that guy, i don’t even bother to read his stuff because it usually doesn’t make sense, as you elegantly point out.

  • Gerritsen Girl

    Are you kidding me, are you really defending these little disrespectful animals? This man grew up in an age where adults were to be respected and bad language and behavior is punished and you are defending the punks?

    We just read about one mongrel who was from our neighborhood who helped cause the death of a gay man and one or the same person who beat up people for wishing them a happy holiday albeit it wasn’t everyone’s holiday.

    These kids need a good smack in the mouth to learn, obviously the new wave parenting isn’t working. Where is the handbasket because we are all heading to hell in it? When are we going to stop advocating bad behavior and put down people who won’t tolerate it. I walked past a bunch of kids all who looked under 10 years old and the language coming out of their mouths would have made Rikers inmates blush.

    I blame society, we are a bleeding heart society who will most likely go out in a whimper than anything else. I think this man has every right to write a column and express his feelings, it’s still America, it’s called freedom of speech, the same freedoms these idiots have who curse and think they are so cool, the same freedom you have to express your comments and contribute to this website.

    While I don’t advocate violence, I don’t think you need to beat a child but a good smack in his/her dirty mouth wouldn’t hurt them.

    By the way, if you are lucky enough and smart enough you will get old someday and the old age comments won’t seem as funny, especially when an out of control brat is cursing at you.

    By the way, I am not elderly just brought up with better parenting and people who cared and respected others, respect is learned and earned and children are to be seen and not heard. We need to take control back and be the adults and teach these kids some manners and how to be in the world otherwise the are in for a great shock in life.

  • Anonymous

    To gerritsen Girl
    O’ please what is the color of the sky in your world ? Every generation has its bad kids .If you think there was a time where children were seen and not heard you’ve been watching to much A.M. C. . It was sayings like that , that brought about child welfare reform . Remember one thing , Its like my father told me more then 40 years ago . Your generation may say it , but It was my generation that invented it . O. one last thing any adult that hits my child better be a cop or a priest . With a very good reason . I raise my children ,not some thug out on the street and I take my job to heart .

  • The beach is still pretty good

    Gerritsen girl hot the nail on the head. I am a lot younger then George, but he is right on this issue. The younger generation wants to emulate thugs and hoodlums. They do not have respect for people or society. Of course it is not the entire generation, but enough of them. They also use a version of the N word and it is disgusting in any form. The baggy pants droopy drawer look started in Rikers. If the average beach teenager wearing this look got sent there, they would be crying for their mommy. They would see how much the thugs they want look like love them. Every generation is different then the previous, but this one seems thuggish and violent. I think it is video games and bad parenting. How many violent video games are being played as I write this?

    I do not know George at all and I often don’t agree with what he writes, but he deserves more respect then he was shown on this site. If it was the person who runs this site wrote the stuff listed here, you should be ashamed of yourself. I believe George served in the war and he was a police officer also. I would not know him if I passed him on the street, but he is a member of the greatest American generation. If we were attacked by terrorists I would rather go in to battle with George then a young punk wearing clown pants.

  • Anonymous

    Any one that advocates violence and vigilantly towards children is not right . and the only nail they should be hitting is the one in their own head . That style you speck of wasn’t started in Rikers but you were close enough . As someone who has been on the ave for years and has done volunteer work with teenagers for more the one of our local org I can tell you for a fact that there is a lot more teenagers walking down the ave in their PJ then with their pant’s down . OK yes I know walking around in your pj started in a mental hospital and if they were they were put in one they would be scared .
    As for him being in the service ,what does that have to do with anything . If your trying to get sympathy for him forget it . for WWI and WWII everyone went .whole family’s went . Some people were given a choice between prison and service . So even if all that go are hero’s not everyone fights the good fight . If you no what I mean . as far as him being a police officer again so what , that don’t make him right . If he was one , that would mean he was on the job during the Knapp commission . Wow what a great recommendation for his honesty . As to your statement that It may be the owner of this site writing this , It sounds like the pot calling the kettle black . I think you protest to much . Your writing style is similar to his (George), you use the same scare tactics as he does and you try to get support for yourself by mentioning military service and police . You say you don’t know him but admit that you read him often and you sure seam to know alot about him . Shame on you . The children of Gerritsen Beach are not punks , they’re bored and thats the problem .

  • @Gerritsen Girl
    “Are you kidding me, are you really defending these little disrespectful animals?”

    I dont think its defending these animals but raising a point that the internet is not to blame and that it could be compared to newspaper columns.

    By the way, if you are lucky enough and smart enough you will get old someday and the old age comments won’t seem as funny, especially when an out of control brat is cursing at you.
    He said it wasnt direct at him. Otherwise the kid would be in the hospital

    While I don’t advocate violence, I don’t think you need to beat a child but a good smack in his/her dirty mouth wouldn’t hurt them
    Maybe, but a strangers kids? Thats called assault.

    @The beach is still pretty good
    I think it is video games and bad parenting. How many violent video games are being played as I write this? I think its comics and books! Do you know how many books are being read as we speak?!

    … he deserves more respect then he was shown on this site
    Its called satire

    If we were attacked by terrorists I would rather go in to battle with George then a young punk wearing clown pants.

  • The beach is still pretty good

    The only thing I know about George is from reading him in Our News and seeing the advertisements that he sings. Fair enough that whole families went to WW2, but that generation was tough enough to protect our freedom by defeating Japan and Germany. I am not George nor do I know him and the funny thing is I probably know you Anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    Hey its nice to have friends . If you realy do know me then you know I only speck the truth and never say things out of spite . Its a funny thing , years ago when people who knew me were protesting the war and fighting our government I was the outsider waving the flag . now they wave the flag and look down with their very serious faces at this generation of beach Children who simply ask Why are we being neglected ? But as I said I hold no grudge towards anyone . In fact all my old friends hold a special place in my heart and I love the memory of them no matter what they’re like today . Some of them I’m very proud of . If your the friend I think you are , you’ve always tried to do the right thing , A word for you in the right ear can help to make a difference with how this generation see’s us .
    Hey guys sorry for getting off the subject but I was bored of talking about George and couldn’t help saying hello to someone who might know me .

  • Anonymous

    Not much has changed through the generations, teens wear clothes adults disapprove of as well as music and other trends. This is not new but what is new is the lack of respect. Young people at one time watched their language around adults, we stepped out of the way if we were on a corner blocking a business’s entrance.
    I do not see that type of courtesy anymore.
    that is very sad.

  • Anonymous

    Blame the internet is the equivalent of blame TV, Rock Music and comic books.

    Same S— different generation

  • Anonymous

    Agreed…. blame chat rooms such as the My Space…..

    MySpace has a chat room? Who the hell uses chat rooms except for people still in the AOL walled universe?

  • Gerritsen Girl

    Dear Anonymous,

    It’s spelled speak not “speck”, if you are going to come off like some educated liberal, at least learn how to spell.

    Why do I get the feeling you were one of those foul mouthed mongrels you keep defending?

    I blame our societ of the degradation of our neighborhood and society in general. Of course there have always been foul mouthed punks, but in the good old days, whenever a parent or another adult heard the filth, their was some kind of punishment and not just corporal that they could use that would put the child in place and learn consequences.

    Today we have the cart pulling the horse, this liberal society is going to be our downfall when we stick up for some foul mouthed kids who have no respect over an elder. I was taught to respect my elders, to garner some knowledge from their years and yes not all of them are worthy of that respect but to at least listen to what they have to say. They’ve live longer and made mistakes and hopefully learned something to pass on.

    I don’t care if they wear PJs or pants under their butts, that is not the issue, and being bored doesn’t give you the right to destroy property, I was bored when I was a kid and I never destroyed a thing. Stop with the excuses already, it’s sad when we have to stick up for bad behavior, really sad and defeatist and for you Anonymous, that means resigned.

  • I grew up on a steady diet of video games, horror movies and comics, guess what, didn’t destroy a damn thing!

    Maybe because I had a job right after school, kept me out of trouble.

  • anonymous

    Wow Gerritsen Girl now you’ve showed your trueself. There you go with your George watch word liberal .That just proves that you don’t know me . First you try to frighten me by saying you probably know who I am and when that didn’t work you try to belittle me . Well it didn’t work . I’ve dealt with bullies like you before . You figure if you can beat someone into thinking the way you do , your scream louder that anyone els . As for my spelling oops I guess I’m human and made a mistake . Thank you for pointing that out for me . It shows how small you really are . As for respect I think everyone should be respected until they prove that its wasted on them . I never said that boredom gives anyone the right to destroy propriety . there you go with your George tactic try to confuses and twist thing . Also I never defended anyone , I just stated that hitting children is not the answer . and If you were hit as a child it may explain why you feel the need to dominate others . like the ad say’s break the circle of violence . now to use one of my big words for my great city board of Ed ed u ma cation . you being a Alfa female probably love this type of banter . but I find it a waste of time so bye bye and next time I see you and your dog , I’ll make sure not to say Hello P. S. If I made another spelling mistake , keep it to yourself I’m done with people like you .

  • The beach is still pretty good

    I am not Gerritsen girl either. Gerritsen girl never said she thought she knew you, I did. First you thought I was George and then Gerritsen girl. Just take it easy. This is nothing to get upset over. I have no idea who Gerritsen girl is, but I sure would like to know. She is very logical and writes very well. I don’t know how you are coming to these conclusions. The webmaster knows these are all coming from different computers. Maybe he can jump in here and end your paranoia. How many anonymous are there? The writing style of anonymous seems different in this thread. We are all neighbors and friends. This should not be a forum where we beat each other up.

  • The beach is still pretty good

    you wrote to Gerritsen girl: First you try to frighten me by saying you probably know who I am and when that didn’t work you try to belittle me .

    I probably do know you, but I might not. Nobody is trying to frighten you. That is laughable.

  • anonymous

    someone is playing games . I’m receiving E mails at my aol acct Stating that they are Gerritsen Girl , the beach is still a nice place and anonymous . each one claiming to be the other one . they are all sent from different accts then they say they are and each time I email them back the mail demon said there is no such acct . My e mail address was posted here by mistake and the web master told me it was taken off . Who ever you are you got me good . now lets call it a day

  • anonymous

    You can block me or change your screen name but its not over .

  • anonymous ,

    It took a while but with the help of my son , I think I know what happen . Someone got my home e mail address , how I’m not sure . anyway they would cut and past parts from one letter posted here and past it onto someone els’s name .Then send it to me at home . Thats why there was confussion over who said what . They would also take something out and add other thing in . I would read the posting they sent to me ,then quickly read the actual posting . they would seam to be the same but looking at them closely they were very different . to the beach is still pretty good . they switch part of what you said with part of what Gerritsen Girl said and then pasted in her name .unfortunately I was the only one they were sending these e mails to .
    I don’t blame you for thinking I was getting paranoid . for a moment there I wasn’t to sure myself . If you are the person I think you are , you know I would never talk to you that way . to beach girl bunny , beachratpack and the other two or three people who e mailed me claiming to be the people on this site , again you got me , be happy with my surrender and move on . I will never be using the name anonymous again . it just to confusing .

  • The beach is still pretty good

    I might not know you anonymous from reading what you just wrote, but I am a solid citizen that would never do anything like that. I don’t know what your e-mail at home is. I would not want to know what your e-mail at home is. I have no axe to grind with anybody and I do not play childish pranks. I give the webmaster permission to print my IP address so you can compare it to your e-mails. It is the same IP under the beach is still pretty good on this entire thread.

  • anonymous ,

    I’m sure it wasn’t you . I don’t think it was anyone I was talking to on this thread of comments . It was on another thread that my screen name appeared . But I can’t blame this site , It could of come from anywhere

  • Everyone needs to officially relax.

    I never saw your email address posted anywhere on this site and there is no way for that information to go public. If it is posted on this site please email me the link of where it is posted and I will remove it

    Do you think that it could of been just spam?

  • Gerritsen Girl

    First of all, thank you “The Beach Is Still Pretty Good”, I appreciate your support. I am by no means a bully or an “Alpha Female”, I am intelligent, educated woman who has her own thoughts and opinions. I would never harrass anyone via computer or otherwise. I wouldn’t know how anyway, I am not computer savy or a nut. I have a life but like to take some time during the day to listen to others opinions and form my own.

    I think I hit a very raw nerve with Anonymous who isn’t used to someone saying something that blows his/her hair back. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, not intentional, I just thought that if you are going to come off so strongly you can handle it. I guess I was wrong, I didn’t think you’d take a healthy debate and get all paranoid about it, who knew you get all Mel Gibson from “Conspiracy Theory” on us?

    I also mispelled society in my prior e-mail, I am not without fault and am free to admit it. Don’t board up the windows and doors and jump at every sound Anonymous, it’s just a message board with people discussing their opinions.

  • anonymous ,

    How long are your arms that you can pat yourself on the back like that , Blow back my hair , you only wish your opinion ment that much to any one . And please form your own opinions . The use of the word paranoid is an obvious attempt to Ali yourself with the beach is still pretty good who I think is an intelligent person who does care about the beach . I would have been more impressed if you had used the word first . As for Mel Gibson ,what ? who watch’s Mel Gibson any more .

  • anonymous ,

    Gerritsen Girl you and I could go on for days and it would mean a thing . Looking back at all you wrote something hit me funny . you never directly comment on what was actually said . You talked about people growing up in a different time , You talk about an attack on a gay man you said how wrong it was for someone to beat someone up for saying happy holiday , you talked about new wave parenting , you blamed society and talked about respect ,You even corrected my spelling for me . But never once did you directly address the issue which to me and I may be wrong Is it ok for a grown man to beat a child that he doesn’t know so bad that he has to spend a night in a hospital just for saying something he took as offensive . A yes or no will do .

  • Gerritsen Girl

    Anonymous, you really need to get a life to have all this time to read message boards and really, get a dictionary. Whether or not you wish to admit it, I did hit a nerve with you, again sorry if I hurt your feeling. Do you realize for that one e-mail I sent you sent two? Poor thing.

    The fact that you keep answering me shows how much I got to you. Can’t wait for the next mind blowing e-mail you are going to send. Won’t get to if for a while though, I actually have a life.

  • joe

    Lol you still didn’t answer yes or no . I can see your problem If you say no , it not right , He’s a monster no different then the thugs that beat up the man on the train for saying something he took as offensive . If you say yes its ok then your the monster and should be in the cell with the guy on the train . even if you don’t answer , now everyone knows .

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