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Resurrection School Construction Major Improvements

You have to love the NYC Department of Buildings and their BIS system. You can look up any violation, job filing, paper documents and much more.

There has been some construction activity at the now closed school and I was curious to know whats going on . So with the BIS system you can look it up what is going on and in this case see the costs involved.

Resurrection School 2383 Gerritsen Avenue

  • Permit 1 – Fire Alarm System Estimated Total Cost: $80,000
  • Permit 2 – To remove some interior non bearing partitions, install interior partitions, install mechanical equipment and install plumbing fixtures all as per plans filed herewith. Estimated Total Cost: $250,000

7 comments to Resurrection School Construction Major Improvements

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand, I thought Resurrection School was clsoed for good??

  • Anonymous

    Is Resurrection “renovating” into Condos?

  • Anonymous

    The NYC Dept. of Education is leasing the building and is doing the renovation work. They will be opening it up as a special education school for autistic children when the work is completed.

  • Wow, thats great. I guess the church will get the lease money.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately I doubt if the church will see any of the money from the lease. When thay sold the parking lot to make condos, they only got a small share of the 1.1 million dollar selling price. The Diocese kept most of the money. It just doesn’t seem right if you ask me.

  • Jen

    How do we know this is true? where can i find more info

  • Anonymous

    it is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    resurrection is not closed for good, but they are turning it into a special education school for autistic children when the work is completed.