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Foursome Diner now Kouros Diner Opening Soon

As we all now know the Foursome Diner is closed and just in case you didn’t know its going to reopen at that Chinese Buffet on Nostrand and Z, next to the Banco Popular.

Both locations have signs up promoting Kouros (386 Nostrand Avenue) opening in the spring.

Picture by Erica of ericasherman.blogspot.com


Picture of the Week – Back Weeds Edition

[vk photography/flickr]

Citgo Photo Update

[Click for Larger]

Remember Citgo? Across the street from Key food & Chinar. Looks like its all gone. Make way for the condos.

Green Streets On Gerritsen Avenue Still Coming

2008 looks like the battle ground year for Gerritsen Avenue. The battle will be about the DOT’s second phase of its plans for Gerritsen avenue. They plan on putting Green Streets down the center of Gerritsen Avenue. Green Streets are like a cement curb with parking on one side, think of Emmons Avenue […]

No Human Being Would Stack Monitors Like This

[Behind Mandee’s on Avenue U and Nostrand Avenue. In the Duane Reade parking lot.]

There had to be about a 1,000 old school CRT monitors in this tremendous mound. You could totally climb to the top and feel safe, whoever stacked these stacked them so they were all solid.

As Dr. Venkman would […]

Brooklyn View: Gerritsen Beach Smackdown

Looks like the Brooklyn View picked up on our story. GerritsenBeach.net made the newspapers! We were mention and they even used my pictures, with permission of course. My plan to take over the world is slowly coming along.

Its a very Interesting read.

If you cant pick up a copy here is the article:

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Its time to take a stand!

Read the above article for this to make sense:

This past Saturday December 22nd, I was reading a newspaper when I came across an excerpt written by a 60+ year old man, when this man yelled out, “Blame the Internet”!

I couldn’t believe what I just read. It was one of the most obscene outbursts I’ve ever read. There were 4 friends present around me who merely cursed at the man. I know the comment wasn’t directed at me, otherwise the man who said it, would be sleeping in his own bed comfortably, because I don’t threaten children or the elderly.

If this man is any indication of what we can expect of our elderly we are in a lot of trouble.

I have a theory on what’s causing much of the outrageous behavior by some of our elderly. I believe it’s the newspaper columns such as “Marine Park Bulldog”, and other similar columns available to anyone who wants to say anything about anything, whether its true or not, and rarely if ever, have to worry about the consequences of doing so.

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Torched Car Back Weeds

On a recent walk back weeds, I found what used to be someones car.

Check out more pictures.

Picture of the Week – Santas Coming to town

Bargain Bow Wow Santa spreading the cheer.

Crystal Bakery Open!

Crystal Bakery 2137 Knapp Street opened the other day. We went in a took some pictures.

Rivera Suites Ready to Break Ground on Knapp and Lacon Court


SSJ Development is ready to break ground on 3 sites in Brooklyn, including Bergen Beach, Knapp St. and Gerritsen Beach (Lacon Court), thanks to $100 Milliion loan from Amalgomated Bank.

The third project, which won’t break ground for several months, is planned for Gerritsen Beach (Lacon Court). The development, a three-story building with 64 units starting at $349,000, will be called the Riviera. The 3.25-acre site comprises 22 lots Mr. Jemal bought up over the past seven years and was once the site of a marina, a repair yard for boats, a billiards club, and a place where a local resident was collecting pigeons.

“It was really beat up,” he said. “It needed attention.”

Some residents of Gerritsen Beach said that while they believed the waterfront needed improvement, they were against Mr. Jemal’s project.

“It’s going to add congestion and change the character of the neighborhood,” a mother of three who grew up in the area, Margaret McCormick, said. Her husband, Kevin, said residents could do little to stop the development.

Still, they and other opponents are hoping that the cost of cleaning up the contaminated soil from the old boat yard will make it too expensive to build the project.

“What he wants to build is the equivalent of a 35-foot wall along a whole stretch of the waterfront,” Mr. McCormick said. “These are fourth-generation families living in houses on double lots. This isn’t Florida.”

Mr. Jemal contended that he is building within the zoning requirements for the area and that his buildings will add to the character of the existing neighborhoods.

“I’m reclaiming the waterfront and opening it up,” he said. “What I’m doing in South Brooklyn will be on line before anything they’re doing in North Brooklyn.”

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Resurrection School Construction Major Improvements

You have to love the NYC Department of Buildings and their BIS system. You can look up any violation, job filing, paper documents and much more.

There has been some construction activity at the now closed school and I was curious to know whats going on . So with the BIS system you […]

The Jirovec and Fortunato Defense aka the I’m from Gerritsen Beach Defense

Both of these thugs are from the area, and I say “the area” because I don’t want to admit that they are from Gerritsen Beach.

Although they don’t represent Gerritsen Beach as a community, it seems like their defense strategies could be coined as the “I’m from Gerritsen Beach” Defense.

Im not bias […]

Cort Club Christmas Party

The Photo Gallery

The Cort Club held their annual Childrens Christmas Party on Sunday the 16th. Im a bit late with posted this but its better than never. A great sized crowd attended even with the disgusting weather.

The Cort Club provided lots of hot dogs for everyone. Lilybeth put on a magic show for the children and Santa gave out presents.

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McKennas was Robbed Last Night at Gunpoint

McKennas (2943 Avenue S) is a local pub on Avenue S (by Buckleys) was robbed last night.

Coming in our tip line: Three black males came in robbed the bar and assaulted some regular customers. Its believed that they cased the bar a few days earlier and hit the bar last […]