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Foursome and Citgo to become….

The Foursome is going to become a Walgreens
and what used to be Citgo, is going to become condos.

14 comments to Foursome and Citgo to become….

  • Erica

    Dooshbags! How could they do this — it’s our heritage, as Brooklynites. Not entirely unlike tearing down Ebbets Field for housing projects. I suppose seeing the Kings Plaza Diner, or Del Rio, torn down to be replaced with medical clinics won’t be far behind.

  • I have heard a disturbing rumor and im trying to find out about it.

    That the Kings plaza diner will be closing along with the flordian someone in the near future.

    Please take that statement with a grain of salt as it is still unconfirmed.

  • Ginger

    Why do we need a Walgreens on that corner? Duane Reade is like 6 blocks away on Nostrand!

    and MORE condos?

  • Kerry

    In all honesty who would want to live on the corner of Gerritsen and Avenue U?

  • if we’re stuck with it, I hope the Walgreens is open 24/7.

    Is it safe to live on top of of a former gas station? I’m sure there’s some toxins in those underground tanks…

  • Maid Marian

    I was right, Condos! The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!

  • turns out the diner might reopen at the shuttered Chinese buffet place on Nostrand & Z

  • Gerritsen Girl

    It’s spelled douche bags, douche bag!

  • toni

    Is there no place the russians aren’t invading…don’t people want to live in homes anymore?

  • Anonymous

    The Foursome is moving to Nostrand & Z across from silver Star

  • amster

    Its true that the Foursome is moving to Nostrand and Z. It won’t be called the Foursome though. Same bosses. The neighborhood is changing I don’t know if its better or worse.

  • Ginger

    The ONLY reason I went to the Foursome is because it was walking distance from my house….If i’m going to go all the way to Nostrand and Z, I may as well go to KPD or el Greco on Emmons.

  • joim

    hey ginger if u think that kpd or el grecoo was better than the foursome. then u don’t ask so much for quality of food…just aviance..el grecco,,,,,,,PLEASE,,,,, kpd,,,,ehh!

  • joim

    yyea i went and talked to the bosses @ the kouros…the name is going to be kouros bay diner,,or kouros bay cafe…
    either way all new staff will be employed and better quality.dishes..bar- music- tv