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Sheepshead Bay to Design Brigham Street Park

Sheepshead Bay is going to get their own park at Emmons Avenue and Brigham Street and it looks like they get to design their own park. They even started a website to update their community on the status of the park every step of the way.

New Yorkers For Parks, New York City’s oldest and leading citywide parks and open space advocacy organization, has accepted a proposal co-sponsored by the Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association and Community Board 15 to participate in their Community Design Program.


NY4P’s Community Design Program enables New Yorkers in undeserved neighborhoods to take ownership of their local parks and open spaces, and engages community groups in a participatory design process to create parkland that integrates and reflects the unique goals of their community.

“We couldn’t be happier to be selected.”, said Gene Berardelli, author of the Brigham Street Park Proposal. “Thanks to New Yorkers For Parks, we’ve taken our first step towards hopefully transforming into a beautiful park that enjoy can enjoy.”

“We’re glad to finally being able to get off the ground with putting a park on Brigham Street.”, said Theresa Scavo, Chairperson of Community Board 15.

In a letter to the Civic Association announcing the project’s acceptance, Pamela Governale, the Design Program Manager stated the park advocacy group’s support for the project. “A Brigham Street Park will benefit the community by creating viable public open space and preserving this vital piece of waterfront.”

A site visit by members of New Yorkers For Parks and the community coalition will be scheduled sometime within the next few weeks. Berardelli hopes to bring together a committee of people representing many community groups, and then begin a lengthy process of public comment and community outreach in preparation for the summer of 2008, where New Yorkers For Parks will assign a design fellow from Harvard Graduate School of Design to bring the community’s vision into focus with conceptual designs, an estimated budget, and renderings of the Park.



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