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Manhattan Beach Racism: Dont be a Racist in Email

via Brooklyn View

Thats it, I cant deal with Manhattan Beach anymore. I lie, this stuff is great:

For the first time in over 30 years, there will be an election for president of the Manhattan Beach Community Group on Dec. 5, 2007. Under normal circumstances, an individual is nominated by the group and serves as president, which is an unpaid position.

The president of the Manhattan Beach Community Group doesn’t wield much power. Most call the job a ‘nothing position.’ Even with the group’s support, major policy changes need to be approved by the community board, the city council, borough president or mayor. Community groups are just a minor player in that process. But this ‘nothing position’ has sharply divided the community and turned two friends, Dr. Ron Biondo and his vice president, Ira Zalcman, into political rivals. Both candidates have dirt on the other because of their history of working together in the group. Members of the group showed derogatory emails sent by each candidate, Biondo’s hotter than Zalcman’s.

One email from Zalcman said, “So we have BBQ smoke, dead fish smell, feet in the fountains, garbage everywhere and a policeman sitting on his you know what.” It continued, “To me, can your (sic) VP do anything about this like making the beach into a private spa charging 1000 (sic) million dollars.” Zalcman said that the email was tongue in cheek and he was not talking about any race.

One email dated February 16, 2007, sent at 1:35 p.m., Biondo said, “We had a meeting last night and changed the proposal from the company. Please notify the rest of the troops that we want to get this done to make MB a safer community especially in the summer when most of the animals in the community are on two legs.”

Another email sent from Biondo on May 29,2007, stated, “I hate watching thugs parade down my block. Imagine a group of white boys parading down Livonia Ave.”

Zoning is the hot issue in Manhattan Beach. There are really two beaches—one, with old time Manhattan Beachers who want their homes to stay in character with the community—and the Sephardic and Russian communities new to the area, who want to build larger homes. The latter group backs Biondo and the former supports Zalcman.

Some members opposed to Biondo, say he has already garnered support from Councilman Mike Nelson and State Senator Carl Kruger.

Politicians don’t usually get involved with civic groups. State Senator Carl Kruger’s office denies his support wholeheartedly. However, members of he community say he and Councilman Mike Nelson are secretly endorsing Biondo. Community residents say Nelson and Kruger are heavily influenced by developers and have a flyer that will be distributed in Manhattan Beach that besmirches Zalcman. Nobody has seen the flyer.

Zalcman says he is a better candidate than Biondo because politicians do not influence him. He said a lot of the underhanded maneuvers Biondo uses, like stuffing the ballot box late in the year from phony supporters, is just one of Biondo’s many dishonest tactics.

This whole Manhattan Beach mess is funny to us, people, politicians,and groups are forming sides. Although I would like to say “play nice”, I know they will not, which will be so much more interesting.

30 comments to Manhattan Beach Racism: Dont be a Racist in Email

  • Anonymous

    It seems like you are taking sides …but if you did any checking you would see the real story is that Judy Baron and Oliver Klapper are trying to run MBCG and poor Ira is being used by them ….lets hope he wakes up…as they are the real problems in Mahattan Beach

  • Michael P. Judge

    At least I’ve got the balls to sign my name “Anonymous”.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Michael…please note the words you used are not called for….the facts are the facts that poor Ira is being used by Judy Baron and Oliver Klapper to do their dirty work…along with Fran Olk and Shari Thaler
    Ira is good friend of mine and he is being used by these people and he does not know how to get our of this mess that they have caused for him……MJ

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame that Judy Baron and Oliver Klapper have reduced themselves to such a low point in their twilight years, rather than enjoying their golden years and contributing positively to Manhattan Beach. Our beautiful community has been tarnished with all of this negative press and dirty politics that Judy Baron and Oliver Klapper maniacally engineered. These people are the architects of a smear campaign against a devoted and caring individual, Dr. Ronald Biondo, who has methodically invested time and energy into beautifying and enhancing our community. It’s clear to most neighbors in our fine community, that Dr. Biondo is very passionate about making our neighborhood into a Brooklyn neighborhood that we can all be proud of. We should support him in his efforts rather than act like a bunch of children.

    My vote’s going to Dr. Biondo, the best qualified candidate to lead our community!

  • Committee To Stop Ron The Racist

    “I am Dr. Ron, and I approve the above message.”

    What, are you kidding me? Could that sound anymore like a campaign ad?!?!?

    Ron the Racist has got to go. Clear and simple. He did this to himself. First the fiasco in the summer, then by not listening to his own board of directors – only his “players”, and finally with this latest news.

    And to blame two people for his own actions is ridiculous. But it’s good spin control, point the finger of blame to others when you’ve done the dirty deed – it’s very first grade. Whatever his opponents have done doesn’t change the fact that he himself is bigoted. You can’t change what you put in writing, folks.

    Biondo is bought and paid for – and he’s an elitist/racist who shouldn’t be dog catcher, let alone the voice of a community, no matter how many plants he’s put in the ground, or coats of paint he’s put on a wall.

  • Joe

    I just got the View on my doorstep with the story by Edmund DeMarche and it was outstanding. THis is merely a portion, the entire story is rich. (apprx 2000 words.) A must read for Manhattan Beach residents.

  • Jay

    HEY joe were do you live ..let us know sounds like you do not know to much of anything ..the facts are that Judy Baron and Oliver Klapper have dragged down MB ..they are the racist by stopping people who live in MB from becoming members of MBCG just because they do not like Russian people ..is this what you are backing buddy because if you do sounds you are a racist….and what about IRA Zalcman racist statements about children ….he works with children would you want him working with your children ???????


    This is to the committee to stop Ron ….you people have some real problems going on within yourselfs… you seem to be a group of people who do not know what to do with your twilight years but to hurt people… you ready need to look yourselfs in the mirror and see what you see …but this may be to hard for you to do….I KNOW DEEP DOWN INSIDE MOST OF YOU ARE GOOD PEOPLE( as I know many of you for many years) but it seems like you have lost your way some how …I hope that someone from your group can step up and speak to you all and help you dig down deep to bring YOUR GOOD SOULS BACK TO LIFE … I am a shame of you all

  • Finally, people woke up from their deep sleep of denial. This has been on my mind since the time I was attending KBCC , which was a few years ago. I always thought this community goes through difficulties, especially during the summer season. This much I know, most people that attendant community college unfortunately,care less about area. They throw garbage on the streets, thugs drive in blasting their car music. I do sympathize with people that live there. Why cant they make a beach private in order to keep area clean, safe and enjoyable that community contribute it so much?

  • LadyLiberty

    Well, the water rats in the Beach have finally been exposed!

    What a crew… I guess that applies to both sides in this.

    First there’s my buddy, Dr. Ron, who I assume won’t be congregating with friends and walking down Livonia Avenue anytime soon! What an @$$. I guess we were right to call him a racist – one time is a slip – but three different quotes?!?!?


    Out in public with your real views known anyways, if not out of “office”!

    Does he actually think that anyone believes him what he says that he’s not a racist now? Maybe the Dr. has been dipping into his own laughing gas!

    Then we have the “old money” of Manhattan Beach. I don’t condone their actions in trying to get “Grand Wizard” Biondo and his troops out, but I understand the desperation! But they push it to the point where you have to show your ancestry in the beach going back at least 30 years before “acceptance”

    Also, don’t people think that what’s being done in MB towards new neighbors isn’t just a teeny tiny itty bitty bit racist in its own way?

    Now I don’t know anything about zoning, but it doesn’t seem like the newer residents here want much more than to actually LIVE IN THE HOMES THAT THEY BOUGHT! What a bleepin’ concept! OK, they’re over-built, but they ain’t going nowhere either! It’s called compromise, people! JUST DO IT!

    Or are we gonna wait for them to all fall down?

    Oh wait, change bad! Change Bad!!!

    Oy, what a mess…

    Maybe it’s like the saying goes – “This neighborhood ain’t big enough for the two of us” – and both groups should part ways. It works in Sheepshead, right? You got BIG and this group, and they at least co-exist. Why would someone want to be part of a group where no one likes you, or represents you and vice versa? Huh? After all, the “old money” will STILL be in control of two groups – their own and CB15! Membership list, people! Membership List!

    Somewhere, Austin Corbin is laughing uncontrollably!

    At least they’re too busy fighting to see who the biggest racist is among them instead of acting in a racist way towards people who visit the Beach. Wait, it ain’t summer yet, so I guess we’ll see. I got it! Keep the “thugs” on the beach west of Falmouth, the new neighbors get the east side of MB Park, and the “old money” pays for passes to KCC beach – or gets them for free from a “friend” (wink wink, nudge nudge!) Three groups, two beaches. There’s unity for you!

    And the rest of us get to point and laugh.

    Oh well, enough thinking, pass the popcorn! May the cleanest dirty, least underhanded, most non-overtly racist/elistist people win!

  • LadyLiberty,

    that’s probably the best written comment I’ve read on this site in recent weeks.

  • libertybell

    what ladyliberty missed is that the old money is old and worn out people..they are the austin corbins of the 21st century…here and now….these are the people that are stopping their neighbors from joining the MBCG which they have every right to do ….which is clearly a violation of their civil rights..(by the way..the mb by-laws have absolutely not cut off date stated)…i didn’t know that MB was a separate country under communist rule…RULED BY THE BARON/KLAPPER DYNASTY……the next thing you will hear is that they will be asking the zoning board to tear down homes bearing more that one CHILD!!!!!!
    The Baron, Baroness & Klapper Ensemble have been orchestrating usage of underhanded tactics for many, many years now……..and now the water rats have finally been exposed…..and you can smell their stench for miles away…even as far as gerritsen beach….and it does not smell like chanel no.5….do you get my drift???

  • Bill

    libertybell …you are the best calling it like it is. I live in Gerritsen beach and I can smell the Baron,Baroness and Klapper Ensemble stench here ( by the way great name for them)
    I have seen them at CB15 meeting you are correct the next thing they will be asking the zoning board to tear down homes bearing more than one child,what is the problem with these people……….my hat goes off to you for having the courage telling it like it is…great work

  • @Bill or should I say libertybell

    Thanks for complimenting yourself.

    I know “team Ron” needs more people supporting him but you can do better.

    and im pretty sure that no one from gerritsen beach has any idea what Manhattan Beach is doing, so you probably don’t live here.

  • Bill

    TO GerritsenBeach.net 1st of all I do live in Gerritsen Beach and very poud of this,but why would you say that I do not are you saying that ,we are not smart people living here or that we can not read or we are out of the loop on things…I hope you are not saying this fat boy
    I can tell you that I due attend meetings at cb15 and seen the work of the baron,baroness and Klapper ensemble and they are not nice people …so just because that I compliment someone who stands up to these people you have problems with this

  • I do have a problem with you complimenting yourself commenting as a different person.

    Your IP address puts you commenting from Manhattan Beach, so you don’t live here.

  • LadyLiberty

    Bill, if that is your real name, YOU’RE A MORON!

    Obviously, the admin for this site caught you red-handed. Your IP and the IP for LibertyBell are the same – which means the messages came from the same computer. Oh, and that IP address – it’s originating from Manhattan Beach, not Gerritsen Beach.

    I don’t live in Gerritsen Beach, but if I did, I’d be mighty pissed that you tried to use my community for your community’s games. Loser.

    Minus 10 for Dr. Ron’s group on my scorecard – for being underhanded and not even being clever about it!

  • Ginger

    yeah…Bill did go out of his way to compliment Libertybell…”my hat goes off to you…great work,” etc. Please.

    And I find it hilarious that Bill is defending his “smartness” and can barely write English… you due attend meetings? How about “do” attend meetings.

    Just sayin’.

  • Bill

    with all due respect to the admin/GerritsenBeach.net (AKA FAT BOY) and LadyLiberty (FAT BOY’S Sidekick), I wouldn’t start making ASSUMPTIONS about IP Addresses, as you will only make A-S-S’ out of yourselves.

    My IP Address is unique and has nothing to do with LibertyBell. But LibertyBell has some great points about the Baron,Baroness, & Klapper ensemble of cb15.

    Seems like the “admin” of this site needs to get himself educated about IP addresses

  • If by “fat boy” you’re referring to me, Bill, this isn’t my site! I don’t even have a site – I administer my civic association’s website! Feel free to visit it! It’s linked to my name in this message.

    And yes, I should lose some weight! You’ve made an articulate and well-thought out point in that regard. Pure eloquence, indeed! Not at all childish or unintelligent in any way! And certainly not rude, boorish, or a sign of a losing man’s argument!

    And speaking of a losing man’s argument, might I add that it’s a great tactic to name-call and sidestep the issue at hand. It sure made me forget everything else that’s going on!

    My hat goes off to you for having the courage to tell it like it is…great work. :-D

    Anyways, now you know, junior. And knowing is half the battle!
    I’ll let you get back to complementing yourself. Stop by the SB/PBCA Forums if you wanna chat some more!

  • Ginger

    Bill/Libertybell is STILL complimenting himself!

  • Michael P. Judge

    All this does is show that the people from Manhattan Beach are as untrustworthy, racist, and arrogant.
    I still have the balls to sign my name, and if you got a problem wiht that, then too bad.
    Go ahead, hide behind your post “Anonymous”.
    None of the people from Manhattan Beach are worth wasting time on anyway.

  • Captain Obvious

    I am not sure if it is cool of this sites admin to be outing people on the comment board. Most smart people should be able to tell that the same people can make repeated posts and yes even compliment themselves.

    Isn’t one of the beauties of posting without ones email address the unfiltered, raw and yes sometime assinine info? Come on GB.net you may be right about liberty bell but try to be more graceful.

    Now if we are talking about fat people lets also nicely remind them to wear deodorant. THe smell can get to be a little bit too much.

  • Captain O,

    Maybe your right but I dont like the fact that they are using my anonymous comment system to make it seem like they have more support then they actually do.

    I love the anonymous comment system , it allows more people to comment then actually would. You dont even have to put an email address, however like any site it does log an IP address.

    An IP address isnt anything personal its just your physical address on the internet given to you by whoever you pay for internet access.

    So when a comment that goes out of the way to compliment itself, im not cool with that.

  • Captain Obvious

    I got you GB.net. Now I feel a little safer sharing info on the blog. Great work keep it up. Just go even further out of your way to be fair and balanced. You report we decide. (oh god i just repeated fox news) sorry.

  • Captain Obvious jr.

    Oh captain my captain you are so correct and so great.

    J/K posted from the Captain’s IP address.

  • Captain America

    Mike Judge, what’s the story with you? You keep talking about “your balls” – what’s with that? do you have Epididymitis?

    OUCH, that’s painful!! Go easy on them, maybe they won’t hurt so much!

    some wise words, from a good old friend.

  • like a kid in a divorce, I hate being used as a pawn.

  • Bill, I agree with you regarding the ASSUMPTIONS about IP Addresses. You could
    use proxy and post comments here. It will look like I am from the country of
    Azerbaijan but, in reality I reside locally. I hate when people start false
    accusation of each other. I do believe that the Manhattan Beach community should privatize Manhattan Beach, from my perspective it would bring along a lot of benefits. I also would like to point out that during beach season the community becomes very dirty, loud and nasty. on a scale People who lived there contributed alot more than people who come just to trash the area.