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Bus Shelters Destruction part gajillion

9 comments to Bus Shelters Destruction part gajillion

  • Maid Marian

    Something very interesting last night, while walking my dog I noticed three rocks placed on the bench in one of these shelter, wierd. I was wondering why someone would just leave 3 rocks on the bench. The kids would have just found and thrown them, not just leave them for later. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone who works for the transit would leave them there to put the idea into a passing kid’s head to toss it and break the glass. You know they are getting paid big bucks to fix theses things because they come the next day to repair the damage. This is New York and if it wasn’t in their best interest to come and fix it for big bucks it would take months to fix, kind of like Seba Park.

  • spice

    Boy talk about denial.

  • Anonymous

    hahahahaaha- ppsssssst joey—lets LEAVE three rocks.Two too little, four too many.—-I’m looking for some extra cash, yeah know with the holidays coming up. I’d much rather come back here over n over again.I mean come on!! the pizza in Victorias is great. CITY WORKERS HAVE BETTER THINGS TO FUCKING DO

  • Maid Marian

    Like what, take naps and have breakfast and read the paper? I don’t think they are city workers doing the work either dummy. It’s an outside contractor if you ever see the vans coming around, usually the very next day in fact. How convenient!

    I am not in denial either, I have seen the little freaks in our neighborhood throwing trash cans through the glass, why glass, why not pexiglass which doesn’t really shatter? The parents of these little mongrels need to teach them better values or get them a hobby or into some sports. Please to explain why 3 rocks are left on a bench, I don’t think the mongrels have the forethought to place them there for “later” after they are done breaking their necks at Seba Park.

    At least know what your are talking about and Victoria’s Pizza sucks!

  • Anonymous

    Your right, kids suck and so does victoria pizza. I say we leave three rocks infront of Victoria’s.

  • Maid Marian

    And maybe you can spare the ones you have in your head.

  • i know the truth

    it was broken before while the kid was waiting of the bus he was big and he leaned on the glass and it shattered no rocks it happened around 630 and i help the boy because he cut his face and he was very embarresed

  • Ashley

    The glass shattered by someone leaning on it? THAT is incredibly dangerous, and concerns me more then punks throwing rocks at it!

  • Rocks n socks

    Three rocks on the bench could simply mean that the little f’ers were getting ready to toss them and were caught red-handed before they got the chance to do anything. Just a thought.