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Picture of the Week – Got Trees?

The Christmas tree lot on Knapp street gets a huge shipment of trees.

Tis’ the Season – Help us out edition

For residents, We know you have seen the great decorations on Gerritsen Avenue. Many have wanted to know who was responsible. GB Cares along with volunteers installed the lights this year and every previous year.

We hope that this letter finds you in good health and great spirits during if this holiday season. The holiday decorations along Gerritsen Avenue mean something different to each resident. For some. they are a great reminder that YOU are finally home at the end of a hard days work. To others. they are a reminder of the short days and long nights during this time of year and make us wish for summer. In any case. we hope that they put a smile on your face by giving you a bit of holiday cheer.

Thanks to donations from residents. local businesses. organizations and elected officials. we have decorations to install each Year. We want to give a,special thanks to everyone that helped fix and install the decorations on Gerritsen Avenue. If not for these volunteers the cost for decorating, Gerritsen Avenue would be about $10,000 a year.

The cost this year for the new decorations and other supplies will be about $2.800. We hope that YOU may consider making a donation to help cover this cost and to support the positive improvements that GB Cares continues to make for our neighborhood. Please support our community any way that you can

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

All the best,
The Board of GB Cares

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Foursome and Citgo to become….

The Foursome is going to become a Walgreens
and what used to be Citgo, is going to become condos.

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The Last Jahn’s Ice Cream Shop Standing

If you remember there used to be a Jahn’s on Gerritsen Avenue and Avenue U now Chinar.

Jahn’s ice cream shops once covered the NYC metropolitan area with a heady combination of lactose and sucrose. The first Jahn’s was opened way back in 1897 in Mott Haven, Bronx by John Jahn. His three children, Elsie, Frank and Howard, opened Jahn’s in Jamaica, Richmond Hill, and Flushing respectively.

Jahn’s is most celebrated for its Kitchen Sink sundae, which was large enough to serve six. There were also the Boilermaker, the Awful Awful, the Suicide Frappe, Screwball’s Delight, the Joe Sent Me,, and the Flaming Desire, five scoops of ice cream topped by a flaming sugar cube.

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Gerritsen Avenue Tis’ the Season – Night

Victory Memorial Hospital to be Shut Down

The 107-year-old Bay Ridge institution Victory Memorial Hospital is preparing to shut its doors. Hospital officials say they are now attempting to close the building by February 1, 2008.

Victory Memorial Hospital A Loss for Victory (Brooklyn Paper) Victory Hospital on death row (Bay […]

Foursome Diner Closed

The longtime Diner of the neighborhood the Foursome Diner (3074 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11229) has closed for good.

Manhattan Beach Racism: Dont be a Racist in Email

via Brooklyn View

Thats it, I cant deal with Manhattan Beach anymore. I lie, this stuff is great:

For the first time in over 30 years, there will be an election for president of the Manhattan Beach Community Group on Dec. 5, 2007. Under normal circumstances, an individual is nominated by the group and serves as president, which is an unpaid position.

The president of the Manhattan Beach Community Group doesn’t wield much power. Most call the job a ‘nothing position.’ Even with the group’s support, major policy changes need to be approved by the community board, the city council, borough president or mayor. Community groups are just a minor player in that process. But this ‘nothing position’ has sharply divided the community and turned two friends, Dr. Ron Biondo and his vice president, Ira Zalcman, into political rivals. Both candidates have dirt on the other because of their history of working together in the group. Members of the group showed derogatory emails sent by each candidate, Biondo’s hotter than Zalcman’s.

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Manhattan Beach President to Take His Own Group to Court

Dr. Ron Biondo has sent a letter to Manhattan Beach Community Group Board members announcing his intentions to take his group to court if the group does not accept applications for membership, by Tuesday.

From the SBCPBA Message Board

The MBCG is about to be sued and a restraining order will be […]

Sheepshead Bay to Design Brigham Street Park

Sheepshead Bay is going to get their own park at Emmons Avenue and Brigham Street and it looks like they get to design their own park. They even started a website to update their community on the status of the park every step of the way.

New Yorkers For Parks, New York City’s oldest and leading citywide parks and open space advocacy organization, has accepted a proposal co-sponsored by the Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association and Community Board 15 to participate in their Community Design Program.

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Christmas on Gerritsen Avenue – Daytime

Tis the season to put up decorations! Fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaaa

The decorations have gone up on Gerritsen Avenue and they look great!  A whole lot better than last year. There are three large decorations going across Gerritsen Avenue and lots of decorations on the utility poles

There are […]

Bus Shelters Destruction part gajillion

Another Picture Here

PBS Jamaica Bay and Floyd Bennett Field Documentary Treasures in the Harbor

PBS has made a documentary titled Treasures in the Harbor, showing viewers everything within sight of the empire state building. Great special.

Segments below.

Jamaica Bay

Floyd Bennett Field

Picture of the Week: Fall New Dutch

Three Sentenced in Death of Gay Man

Via NY Times


In a case that put sexual identity, hatred and ultimately forgiveness in leading roles, three men were sentenced to prison on November 20th for their roles in chasing a gay man to his death in highway traffic in Brooklyn last year.

Their terms diverged: For the planner, Anthony Fortunato, 7 to 21 years. For the lure, John Fox, 13 to 21. And for the aggressor, Ilya Shurov, 17 1/2.

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