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Attempted Robbery!


Police said two masked men pushed their way into a the home and attacked a 62-year-old woman. The husband, who was upstairs during the attack, ran to his wife’s defense and fought off the attackers after hearing a commotion.

Each one of the news reports has different details.

  • WABC says The woman was letting her cats in when one man pushed his way in beating her and he ran off leaving a mask behind.
  • WCBS says there was two men that tried to enter but ran off when they heard the husband.
  • WNBC says that two men pushed their way in and the husband fought them off after hearing a commotion.

Its like the telephone game. I know what that is like.
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1 comment to Attempted Robbery!

  • Nicholas

    I live down the block from the house. It makes me very afraid because I now need to be careful outside. I usually even keep my front door open all the time, now I have second thoughts about it. The Gerritsen Beach community is a tight knit community of nice and polite people. Over the years there have been only two crimes in the community that I know about. I hope the woman gets better and comes outv of the hospital soon.