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If a loaded gun is brought into a school and no one says a word, did it happen?

With all of the news about the St. Johns gunman and how the school sent out text messages alerting student to a possible danger. St. Johns was even sending those messages as the suspect was being taken into custody, telling students to stay inside and putting the school on lock down status.

That brings me to our lovely Sheepshead bay high school. Where the other day a student walked in with a loaded handgun and no one was notified. Not one single student or staff was notified. Everyone outside of the upper administration and security found out through word of mouth.

The NYPD Brooklyn Borough South truck was outside as well as an increased security presence thats when people knew something happened and started asking around.

Update: The suspect was arrested at metal detectors and had the gun in his bag. The suspect let his bag through the x-ray machine.

1 comment to If a loaded gun is brought into a school and no one says a word, did it happen?

  • goodpeeps

    The student didn’t walk in with the gun. His bag was scanned prior to the entrance. Not that it makes the news any better but it does show the school safety officers are on the ball and are doing their job. The students are not allowed to carry cell phones at the school and they would be confiscated at the scanner. I think the only way to notify the students would just cause chaos and panic. He was removed along with the gun and unfortunately it happens at other schools too that we don’t hear about. Maybe the Bay News will fo a front page follow-up if nothing is going on in Manhattan Beach.