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Happy Birthday to Us!

Its been one full year since GerritsenBeach.net has been launched. Happy Birthday to Us!

It all started with a knocked down bus shelter, a camera phone and some spare time.

I think the photos have improved. :)First Post

Thanks to everyone who reads this site!

Now for some Technical Info and Stats!

  • As of this week 9/09/07 there has been 1,337 Unique Visitors out there! 967 new, 370 returning and 2,745 pages views.
  • As of the first week online 9/20/06 there was 30 Unique Visitors, 13 New, 17 returning, and 104 page views. All of that might of been me at different computers
  • As of August 2007 the site is using 3.8 GB Monthly bandwidth


  • 32% of the traffic is “Direct Visit”. Meaning you either have it bookmarked or are typing GerritsenBeach.net in directly.
  • 46% of traffic is searches. Top Searches include:
    • gerritsen beach
    • gerritsen beach net
    • great irish fair
    • roll n roaster
  • 21% of traffic is Referring Sites
    • images.google.com
    • gowanuslounge.blogspot.com
    • gothamist.com

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