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Seba Avenue Park Unofficaly Closed…Again

With all of the kids entering Seba Avenue Skate park as soon as the workers leave, someone has felt the need to put up these strangely worded No Trespassing signs. Although signs are a good step, as soon as any type of weather like morning dew these signs will be destroyed. If they […]

Seba Avenue Block Party

More Pictures Here

The war with the sun

A recently issued rule from the FDA would overhaul and expand the agency’s fight against the sun’s radiation. The proposed regulation would require sunscreen makers to test for effectiveness against UVA rays, which unlike UVB rays, do not burn the skin; UVA instead gives us an attractive bronze that can cause cancer.

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Pssst……We live in a flood zone

[[Fema Flood Insurance Rate Map ]]

Psstt….. Just in case you didn’t know we live in a flood zone. Being prepared for a flood might be the the most important thing we have to worry about. Things like having a “go bag”, batteries, canned food, cash, medicine, but you should be also adding […]

Please pick up after your dog, or else it will cost you more

The Dept. of Sanitation has proposed doubling the fines for those who fail to pick up after their defecating dogs from $100 to $200. The Daily News reports that Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty said that since the introduction of the pooper scooper law in 1978, the city has been issuing about 1,000 fines […]

Marine Park Family Day

Family Day at Marine park was organized and sponsored by State Senator Golden. It was a day to wrap up the summer, and the concert series at marine park.

Although it was a rainy overcast day, a good amount of people showed up to sing, dance, eat, play games, and ride the rides.

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Free Mammograms from Marty Golden & American-Italian Cancer Foundation

The American Italian Caner Foundation and State Senator Martin Golden are going to be offering free Mammograms at the senators Marine Park office.

Its by appointment only, but thats a phone call away. Call to schedule your appointment 800-564-6868

September 19, 2007 – Bay Ridge Office September 21, 2007 – Marine Park Office […]

Roll N Roaster keeps change from gift certificates

Buyer Beware

Roll N Roaster is famous on our side of Brooklyn for its “not so fast fast food” but now it seems that they are outright stealing money from its customers.

Roll-n-Roaster sells novelty gift coins that are worth $5 each but wont give change if you spend under that $5 coin.


Rivera Suites Dumpsters Removed

Since the initial demolition of the Bay Club property in November 2006, the dumpsters were filled but never removed to make room for the Rivera Suites. They were recently removed on August 11th

Also the property has some recent complaints including

Failure to put up demolition fence Excessive debris on property. (The dumpsters) […]

Citgo Construction

Gerritsen Avenue & Avenue U

What used to be Citgo has now been boarded up and heavy equipment has been removing what was inside.

We dont know whats coming yet, but when we find out, we will keep you posted.

The Great Irish Fair Is Back!

Scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, September 22 and 23rd 2007 in the Brooklyn Cyclone’s Keyspan Park parking lot.

There is always great bands playing along with great food and drinks. There is also usually rides and games for the kids.

If you remember the 2006 Great Irish Fair was canceled by Margaret Keaveney, […]

Another Take on Water Quality

Via the Brooklyn View(PDF Link)

By Edmund DeMarche

Three beaches that are prone to sewage runoff after torrential rain, similar to the storm Brooklyn endured last Wednesday, include Gerritsen Kiddie Beach, Manhattan Beach and the beach off Kingsborough Community College because of their locations, said a spokeswoman from the New York City Health Department.

Two sewage-processing plants that have this runoff include the one on Knapp Street in Sheepshead Bay and another in Bensonhurst, near Spumoni Gardens pizzeria.

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Adult Programs for Library

What adult programs would you like at the Gerritsen Beach Branch Library?

The Library has put out a suggestion form asking for input on their upcoming adult programs.

Would you like to see more?

Educational Recreational Musical Author Talks

Any other suggestions?

Disappearing Brighton Beach

The bungalows in Brighton Beach are being replaced by 8 story condos. Most of them were built in the 1920s and 1930s. Many are now boarded up, awaiting the wrecking ball. Those that are still occupied seem to house some Central American families.

A Photo Walk through of Disappearing Brighton Beach – […]

Strange Update on Kiddie Beach Water

(Previous Post: Holy Crap, Kiddie Beach Water, Takes a Turn for the Worse)

The reading taken on the 4th and the high presence of enterococci does not indicate a public health threat. Many factors can affect readings. Rainwater runoff, waterfowl and tidal action can cause high results that nature will fix in a day or two.

Here is the strange thing…

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