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Seba Avenue Park Unofficially Open

Since the installation of the cement skate ramps over at the Gerritsen/Seba Avenue Skate Park,there has been more and more kids entering the park to skateboard, skate, BMX, and even roll around on razor scooters.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however they know they shouldn’t be there becuase the park isn’t opened yet

4 comments to Seba Avenue Park Unofficially Open

  • joe

    That is not a skate park!Who Designed it? Obviously somone who knows nothing about skating.The obstacles are not good or what kids want to skate at all! The spacing between the ramps first of all is way too close. The approach to get to any of them is no good also.Why is there grass in the way where you should be skating towards the obstacles? Also,Why so many ramps…less is more and in this case there is too much of the same exact boring ramps…plain and simple its just a horrible ,poorly planned typical skatepark.Its a waste of money and the news is already on the streets not to go to this park!Another let down from the parks department! Try building something kids want to skate by seeing other parks,that are good like in Kettering Ohio…..The Skate Plaza! Do research,ask the people that are gong to be using it.Have many not just a few meetings .Somthing like the Skateplaza is what kids want,not this crap,and no offense thats exactly what it is.

  • yeah

    not for nothing, it’s better than nothing at all. but he’s right, they should have asked around and gotten someone with experience who knows a thing or two about skatepark construction. I feel like they just did whatever because it’s small and it’s Gerritsen, oh well. I’ll take it nonetheless.

  • The majority seems like they would be happy with some ledges. Very simple to create. If you did a demographic study you would probably find out that their should be one skate ledge in every public park.
    I like tranny, but I’m the minority.
    Go to the tonyhawkfoundation.org and order your free copy of the Skatepark development guide.
    Also we need to start a NYC skatepark advocacy group. Maybe their is a group already. I am a core contributor for the Skaters For Public Skateparks and with a few steps we can piggy back on their not for profit status.
    John Fudala

  • Ashley

    It takes time for things to evolve. If anyone is old enough to remember the earlier parks- they were lucky if they had swings, monkey bars AND teeter totters! But look at them now. Skateboard parks aren’t exactly common in most public parks at the moment. It may not be great, but at least they made an attempt to cater to the growing “skateboard community”. Maybe, a few years down the line, it will be “fixed” into something Tony Hawk can be proud of.