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Welcome to Mini Circuits

Welcome to Mini-Circuits who will be moving 200 employees from their Neptune Avenue location to what used to be Rainbow Lanes.

What is Mini-Circuits?

Mini-Circuits is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of RF, IF, and microwave components covering the DC to 20GHz band, for commercial, industrial, space, and military, including: WiMax, CATV, Cellular Wireless, RFID, Medical Equipment, Test Equipment, Receivers, Transmitters and Satellite applications. Rapid response, innovative design, demanding quality standards, fast turnaround, value pricing, on-time delivery, and top-notch customer service have helped make Mini-Circuits an industry leader. With 22 different product lines representing thousands of off-the-shelf and custom models, Mini-Circuits offers the world’s largest variety of over 4000 signal processing components.

Thanks for fixing up the property, it looks great.

1 comment to Welcome to Mini Circuits

  • Tony

    Thanks for this. I’ve been driving by and seeing that there was a business in there…but never knew what it was.

    I remember Junior Friendship. Two games, a hot-dog and a soda for next to nothing.