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Bus Shelter Destruction: Not My Kid!

Property’s Owners Meeting – July 11th 2007

Some more information about the Bus Shelter destruction on Cryus Ave came out at last nights property owners meetings.

Did someone see the kids breaking up the shelter?

For now, a nameless guy saw some kids with a garbage pail banging into the glass at 4 am and the the kid was doing it is about 17 or 18 years old.

The guy supposedly called the police but the police never came. (Although the times article said that it was repaired due to a 311 call.)

Then sometime over the next day or two, someone else rounded up about 4 kids and brought them to the guy who witnessed it and he pointed out one kid.

The guy who identified the kid, recognized his father, when he confronted the father he responded

“How do you know it was my son?”.

More questions have to be answered.

Were the cops called? (911, 311, 61st)
How many kids were rounded up?
How many were IDed?
How many kids were there that night?
Do the cops know who destroyed the shelter?


What Happens Next?

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