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The Never Ending Story

Cryus Ave Bus Shelter

Recently, the city had started to installed the brand new bus shelters in our neck of the woods.

Just as soon as it was put up, it was covered in graffitti, and the very next day it was destroyed.

Today we found it with a note on it. Asking parents to ask their kids, who and why! We agree.

We asked around, and we gathered that the ones causing the bus shelter destruction are most likely the pre-teen crowd.

5 comments to The Never Ending Story

  • GB Resident, RK


    An Open Letter,
    To the assholes who destroyed the bus shelter
    located at Gerritsen and Cryus Avenue’s.

    Whoever you are…we are going to find you!

    Do you have any idea what you’re doing?

    Let me explain,
    You are embarrassing yourself…and…
    You are embarrassing all of us with your stupidity and recklessness.
    What kind of moron are you?

    We are all fortunate that we live in such a special place.
    Gerritsen Beach is our home, our community,
    something to be proud of, not something to destroy!

    I feel sorry for you.
    Do you need someone to hug you…do you hate yourself…
    did your girlfriend dump you?
    Or…are you afraid…alone and lonely…no friends?
    Maybe you are proud of yourself…”Look at me, look what I can do!”

    Sound like you? It is you!

    There is a $500.00 Bounty out for your dumb ass. Watch your back…do you trust your friends? Oh that’s right, you have no friends!

    Anyone with information please contact the local authorities at this number:
    Brooklyn, 61st Police Station
    2575 Coney Island Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11223
    (718) 627-6611

    We are going to find you!
    Believe me,
    All this will end!


  • $500 goes a long way, hopefully they’ll turn on each other!

  • Bret Curtis

    This type of idiocy is rife in Australia, ADSHEL have a contract to put up ads if they maintain the shelters but the design is approved by the local government. The problem is with the design.
    If its glass, its broken. Wood, its set on fire. All sides are tagged with aerosols.
    Shelters, unfortuneately, need to be replaced in steel with a minimum of opportunities built into them for vandalism. A bit of pragmatic thought will solve this issue.
    I know the idiots will move onto something else but its better than replacing glass targets for the next wave of drunks to smash.

  • Anonymous

    I live across the street from one of the bus shelters and im having a camera installed.