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That didn’t take long – The day after

This was the next day after the graffiti vandalism. It is completely destroyed.

They even destroyed a section of the glass roof.

4 comments to That didn’t take long – The day after

  • Nick Lak


  • Michael P Judge

    Could someone please explain to me why aren’t there surveillance camera’s posted to watch these type of activities?
    How hard would it be to get a video camera linked to a hard driver recorder and when the shelters get trashed, make a DVD of the event and turn it over to the 61st?
    Better yet why not a curfew?

  • GerritsenBeach.net

    It wouldn’t be the city’s responsibility to put up cameras. I wouldnt want the city putting up cameras here. They would use them for other things.

    If anything New Dutch should get a couple of cameras and point one or two in that direction. It is a large investment if they don’t have a DVR system already.

    A curfew doesn’t sit well with me.

  • DK

    Coming from the beach, where I grewup, should anything change????
    This kind of stuff has been going on since I was a kid.
    No longer living there, it seems there are less and less supervision of minors these days. It’s a shame.

    As far as cameras go? You think they would last? Where is your head?