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Look at the Fancy Bus Shelters

It even says Gerritsen & Cyrus.

None of the other shelters were done over yet except for Lois Ave.

4 comments to Look at the Fancy Bus Shelters

  • tomd

    Hopefully, they are made out of shatterproof glass. Some of the little thugs in this neighborhood have nothing beter to do than to constantly break the glass in the back of the shelters.

  • I’ve seen those little shits jump thru them, its like a “beach rat” tradition. Gerratson!

  • Mayor McCheese

    Those little “thugs” as you call them, I call them “Wiggers”, are pretty much the only thing wrong with this neighborhood. Gotta catch them in the act, lock ‘em up and charge their parents for the cost of repairing the damage.

  • Nick Lak

    “Wiggers!” Let me tell you… I know funny, and that my friend is funny. Thats hysterical!! What a broad stroke of imagination. It must have spent weeks to uptain such a insightfull word combo. White+nigger=wigger. Genius!!!. Ranks with such classics as dick+head=dickhead. Thanks for sharing “what you call them” Widdle much? Personally I call them “lil jerkoffs” but I don do recon myself it be dee only ting wrong wit diss done place.-