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Manhattan Beach and Their Elitist Mentality

The Manhattan Beach Community Civic Public Meeting was interesting to say the least. I listened and it ended up that I was forced to participate by some unruly residents.

The meeting started off with normal civic group items, attendance, Community Board members, councilmen showing up, people warmly greeting each other, attempts to get the microphone louder, and no pledge of allegiance which I thought was odd.

Councilman Nelson was first, up at bat, explaining that a Dog Run is going to be installed in the area. He was met with some opposition because many community members wanted it to move to a new location.

Police Report

Next up, the good stuff. The only sensible person in the room 61st precinct captain Vincent Stella, got up and explained his deployment in Manhattan Beach and how he spent 10 plus hours on the beach today to observe and control the beachgoers. He started off with reminding residents to start thinking from today and to forget the attention that Dr. Ron Biondo brought to the community. He also tried to remind the community that 99% of the “kids” at the beach are there to enjoy the beach.

Captain Stella said that the man power he had at the beach today was “just enough” to control the crowd.

What’s just enough?

  • 2 lieutenants,
  • 2 sergeants,
  • 21 cops from Brooklyn Borough South on patrol today.
  • Plain Clothes Gang Unit
  • Officers from the 60th & 61st precincts

The beach patrol usually consists of 1 Sergeant and 5 officers.

He had this man power based on a tip that because schools were ending there was going to be a large crowd going to the beach. But with “one cop for every block”, you would think that was enough because he’s never had 30-40 cops on Manhattan Beach before.

He did shut down the beach and exits for twenty minutes when a few skirmishes broke out. 8 Arrests were made from those incidents.

In the coming weeks, Captain Stella hopes that the crowd wont be as large as today. The future police presence on the beach will have 10 rookie cops and a large amount of officers dedicated to the beach and surrounding area.

Don’t get me wrong, Captain Stella knows what he’s doing, he talks straight, has the lowest crime rate in the city and is getting the job done. He should be commended.

There was a secret meeting a couple of days before. The captain called it a “Little Meeting”. I want to know what happened at that “little meeting” on Monday. The captain was surprised that he had to explain what happened twice.

On another note, the residents and the captain kept on referring to the beachgoers as kids. I thought that was odd because when I went to the beach I saw a mix of ages. There was a slant toward the young but they obviously looked over 21.

“The Email”

Dr. Ron was up at bat for this one. He rattled off many excuses and changed his story a few times. He said “It was an extreme response to a situation being reported to him, he believed the reports were true, and called for an emergency meeting to discuss those crazy things”(his points). He goes on to say that “It was a private email to friends that accidentally got out and the Media Response was unnecessary”.

He did reach out to some city agency’s including Parks and School Safety, to discuss privatizing the beach which obviously never panned out.

Then after Rons speech, Judy Barron, stood up, presumably a board member, calling for a motion for the board to disavow the “8 Points” of Ron’s email and that it would not be the position of the Manhattan Beach Civic Group. After some brief arguing because no one could hear the motion, or know what they were voting on, the vote took place and the 8 Points were officially disavowed. There were people who voted against this.

At this point, a community member got up and started to berate Ron, calling him a racist for his usage of the word “thug” and calling for his resignation. With their experience in calling for motions, they argued over the vote, to hold a vote to motion for his resignation. People were confused and no vote was held because the community member was being called out of order. Although its seemed like Ron gave him the floor.

Rons reaction was prepared for this, he brought articles that used the word thug and started to read off the headlines. This was bad because his usage of the word thug was obviously racial. “Close the beach on a moments notice once the thugs, oops I mean people start to arrive”. He even went on to define thug.

Even after explaining his email, his story started to change (again) saying that these were suggestions from the community and not his suggestions.

The Confrontation

Soon afters talking about the “8 Points”, Al Smaldone got up and started saying that “Outside forces are separating our community, and to Keep on blogging!” a direct shot at me.

At this point two people, Dr. Oliver Klapper, a professor at Kingsbourgh Community College and Robert Gevertzman, CB15 Member, were trying to see what I was doing all night. They never approached me or introduced themselves and eventually started to loudly harass me. Saying I had “no right to be there”. Asking me if I needed permission to write down names and what people were saying. They continued with: “What are you typing? Why are you’re simulcasting the whole meeting, you have no right to do that.” When I told him my first name and said that this was a public meeting he started yelling “Who are you, where are you from”. The meeting members who were now jeering me and calling for my name. I replied with Dan from Gerritsen Beach. At one point I think I was told I was out of order.

The NY Post was there as was Courier life. I saw that the NY Post reporter was asked to stand up and ID himself, and then was accused by a few people of causing problems.

Saying that the community of Manhattan Beach are elitists might be unfair, but the president and his cabinet who run the civic group are. The whole meeting was very unprofessional, unorganized and they acted like the only reason they cared is because of the attention it got. It seems like thats what Ron and his friends want to do. Ron let the meeting be run like a circus, let his people bully others around. I felt as though it there was no sense of community or respect for one another.

I left early before the rainstorm, to protect my equipment and to avoid another confrontation.


11 comments to Manhattan Beach and Their Elitist Mentality

  • Anonymous

    Did he blame the second gun man on the grassy knoll for typing the email too?

  • Joe


    this is a big deal becuase some of these people are trying to do things that they should not have the power to do. privatize the beach, it sounds like thats what they want to do.

    Keep blogging away

  • GerritsenBeach.net

    I fixed up some grammar. I really need to work on that.

  • Michael P Judge

    Dr. Ron Biondo needs a good swift kick in his pathetic ass.
    To inflame people with unconfirmed, unsubstantiated rumor is inherently dangerous.

    Like the New York Post, Dr. Ron Biondo, can not get the bare fact straight.

  • Anonymous

    Privatize Manhattan Beach ?

    That would be like asking to have Gerritsen Beach turned into a Gated Community !

    Hey it actually wouldn’t be a bad Idea

  • Wandy Rodriguez

    I have been following this story in the news over the last several days and it seems to me that the Manhattan Beach community has in infestation of bigotry led by a doctor of all people. Who I might add has taken an oath to ethically practice medicine. It is a shame that he does not, take this practice outside of his dental chair. I wonder if Dr. Ron Biondo treats his black and Latino patients the same when they sit in his dentist chair. I am sure that he is completely non-discriminatory about charging his fees.

    Lastly, I hope that our great New York City civil rights groups get a hold of his story and expose your community not as eltist or snobs …. that is getting off easy !!… but as racist bigots.

  • I stumbled across your blog and thought at first you were talking about my city, Manhattan Beach. Too funny to realize you’re having similar issues all the way in NY!

    This is definitely an issue. Thanks for writing.

  • AF

    To all those who think beaches and public areas cannot be privatized, take as a case the Manhattan Beach boardwalk. Back in the good old days, you could walk all the way from Coney Island to Manhattan beach along the boardwalk.

    Well, apparently if you have enough political capital and dislike for “common people”, which some Manhattan Beach residents do, you can close off the boardwalk. Which is exactly what happened in the 1990s. You can no longer walk into Manhattan beach, that entire section of the boardwalk was closed off, creating a nice private backyard for some beach front homes (and less access for poor people walking into Manhattan beach.) So does anyone find it surprising that certain Manhattan beach residents want to take the privatization further?

  • Mike

    Ron Biondo ‘s comments has nothing to do with anything he was accused of. It is just overwhelming desire of very few people with good political connection of Manhattan Beach Community Group to throw Ron from president’s position. Obviously Dr. Biondo has only medical background not a political moran education. Good Job !!!!

  • mama rose

    Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn is full of tacky, classless people. What elitism? they are dirty pigs to boot.

  • hello every one I really like this is blog.I completely agree with the view that is about the Manhattan Beach and Their Elitist Mentality in this blog.