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School Saftey Officer Carroll Lewis has died

Long time school safety officer at PS 277, Carroll Lewis has died of Heart related issues.

If anyone has any pictures or other information about Carroll that they would like to share, please send it to us.

6 comments to School Saftey Officer Carroll Lewis has died

  • Hartley Zamore

    I think Carol was a little misunderstood. The perception of her being “rough around the edges” has been misinterpreted as meanness, when all this time, she was caring for a daughter with Lupus. I understand her daughter passed away and the news was too great for Carol to bear, and upon hearing the news, ultimately passed away herself. She served PS 277 and this community for a long time, and her efforts should not be forgotten anytime soon.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunatly it was not only Carol who passed away, a few days before her death her daughter also passed. Carol wasn’t working because of recent heart problems but wanted to be back at work as soon as possible. After her daughter’s death, Carol took a turn for the worst and passed as well. Please keep Carol and her daughter in your prayers.

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  • samantha

    Yana? don’t you live across the street from me? if that is one and i am pretty sure it is you!! Yana there is one more question.. why in the world would you be writing it in Carol Lewis is dead?

  • Charles Koffi-Oyoua

    Omg im a old student of 277 and i remember ms carrol she was always accommodating and nice to me and my classmates the world has lost one of it’s shining lights