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Lowes Coming to Avenue U by Kings Plaza Area

For those that don’t know, Lowes, the Big Box Home Supply store is coming to our side of Brooklyn. They are looking to setup shop in what used to be the outdoor parking lot next to Kings Plaza.

Recently, at a Mill Basin Civic Association Meeting, residents expressed opposition to the plan. The plan is for the construction of a one-story, 120,000 square foot, free-standing building. The cost is expected to be around $11.5 Million.

Residents are concerned over the deterioration of the community and the increased traffic. Anyone of our readers who have been over there recently know the traffic is insane, from dollar vans, double parked cars, people crossing, and the entrance to the home depot is usually at a dead stop, never mind the weekends.

The Lowe’s plan, which has yet been seen by the community board, and local groups, contains plans for other retail stores to be located on the property.

The Home Depot next door may be relocated but there are no confirmed plans. Maybe they might be good neighbors.


6 comments to Lowes Coming to Avenue U by Kings Plaza Area

  • it can’t stay empty forever, I would welcome the Lowes vs the Home Depot that’s already there. I thought I heard they were going to put a movie theater there and get rid of the one in the mall?

  • Simon Gabay

    re: monsterzro

    I too oppose to the contruction of Lowes, primarily due to high traffic but its better then the contruction of a movie theatre.

  • Anastaceya

    Thank GOD!

  • King's Plaza Ki

    God forbid they get rid of this eyesore of a site that drug dealers have used for so long. I'll especially miss the "boat community" that has been indefinitely parked along the shoreline here getting a free ride from the property owners while firing up their labs for meth. Seriously folks, this is GOOD for the community!

  • olivia

    The home depot there sucks more than any home depot i have ever been to in brooklyn this lowes is very much needed the bergen beach mill basin area has no where else to go for supplies that are sold in those stores and with this horrible home depot being there I dont see how this lowes cold do any damage I hope it forces the ome depot to leave becus eits the worst one ever

    • Bob

      I think Home Depot started cleaning up there act. I was forced to go there Saturday & it was pretty well-stocked & there were tons of employees on the floor and at the registers. Maybe I thought it was good cause my expectations were so low to begin with.