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This has got to end…before someone else gets hurt

With the death of Frank Solivan on Gerritsen Avenue recently, there has been a tremendous gathering of people at the memorial site. It would be impossible to guess on actually how many people are there on a nightly basis, it is alot. Over this last week there has been a line of double parked […]

Playground Sprinklers Open

The Dr. John Playground sprinklers were open today. Looks like fun.

Clemente’s Crab House

If you don’t know about Clemente’s, its right off of the west bound Knapp Street exit on the belt parkway.

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Update: Memorial for the Fatal Accident on Gerritsen Ave

The memorial on Gerritsen Avenue, for Frank Solivan, 26, who lost his life in a motorcycle crash on May 25th, has grown tremendously. It now has a wood chip base, more Balloons, more candles, more Flowers, and white rocks in the formation of RIP.

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Infamous Byrnes Clock

With Byrnes getting a face lift, I figured to go and head on over and take a picture of this really old clock. It would be a kind of time marker when you were on the B31. Who needs the giant library clock when you have this?

Update on James P. Byrnes Funeral Home

Previously, this post

With the new face on Byrnes and Amici and the new face on Coldstone, I’m noticing a pattern

Update on Cold Stone Construction

Well its almost finished and looks like it should be open soon. All of the necessary equipment is placed inside.

Make sure you see this post with the construction pictures.

Update: Fatal Accident on Gerritsen Ave

A memorial has been erected for Francisco Solivan, who died in the motorcycle crash on Gerritsen Avenue.

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Kiddie Beach Opening Day Parade

Today was a great day. Great weather for a parade. The Gerritsen Beach Marching Band was on hand to lead the parade into Kiddie Beach for the Opening ceremony.

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Fatal Accident on Gerritsen Ave

Last night around 11:30 PM & 12:15 AM in the morning a high speed motorcycle crash resulted in a death, killing the operator of the motorcycle. The operator of the motorcycle was ejected when his bike crashed into a car driven by Pat Donovan on Gerritsen Avenue. The bike then disengrated with parts strewn […]

Rivera Suites: Winning our Hearts and Minds with Overgrown Weeds

Remember what used to be the Bay Club, which used to be next to Fun Time USA? Well now its the Rivera Suites next to Storage USA.

The property looks like its stalled in whatever construction it was doing and with the summer approaching fast, the weeds around the property are only going to get higher. They should take care of this, so people can walk down the street.
There has been a tremendous battle over this property and its development. You would think that they would keep the property secure, and the outside tidy. The lot has been this way, with filled dumpsters for weeks.

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Coming Soon Cafe Amici

From what I asked the guys working inside, its going to be a cafe. I’m assuming like a starbucks, coffee, sandwiches , soup, in a lounge type like environment.

Sidewalk Sale

I dont know about you, but im going for the “Bric-A-Brac”

More Lundy’s News

Well Lundys has been officially closed for awhile now and now outback is in officially taking over the property.

from The Gowanus Lounge

Yesterday I was informed, from a source close to the landlord of Lundy’s that Outback Steakhouse has officially been in the process of taking over Lundy’s Restaurant and will turn it […]

No Posting Anything of Anykind on Anything.

Coming in on our tip line. A city car was seen going up and down Gerritsen avenue removing postings on the utility poles. When asked, he promised a $75 fine for each posting.

On the Avenue recently we have seen dozens of postings for a “battle of the dj’s ” at the tamaqua benifiting the Vollies. Hopefully the Tamaqua wont be fined, they have been though enough this week.

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