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Update: The Vollies Need Our Help!

Doreen President of the Vollies Corp sent in a response saying:

“This is the first year that I am president of the corporation. I haven’t gotten any answers in regards to the past books before I was sworn in October. The Fire Council (our board of directors) was supposed to have the answers. I don’t have any access to past books. “

I Guess that means the president of the Vollies Fire Council doesn’t know where the money went. The Board knows.

Who is in this board? Why wont they tell Doreen? What is going on? Why cant we all just get along?!

We figure those lots sold for a minimum of $350,000 thats enough for a couple of years of upkeep. $115,000 in expenses a year? Seems a bit steep, but I don’t know what the Vollies spend on a year.

Our offer still stand to Develop, Host and Maintain a Gerritsen Vollies website.

1 comment to Update: The Vollies Need Our Help!

  • Jim Donovan

    In or around July 2005 the firehouse sold privately two of its surrounding lots for $244,923 to a resident.

    Excerpt from letter to the community October 2005 written by Marianna Hernandez.


    1. Who is the Firehouse?
    2. Are the books open?
    3. If not, why not?

    If you want a copy please email me.

    Jim D