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The Vollies Need Our Help!


In the latest edition of Our News the vollies have made a plee for our help. They are in some need of money, according to the paper, they fell short of $115,000 by $71,000, raising $44,000 though various fund raisers and events. Here is the vollies letter that appeared on the cover of Our News

“From the desk of the Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department.

Friends, Neighbors, Supporters: We need your help urgently…as never before.

As we never think twice or hesitate about responding to help those in need, we implore you to immediately send a donation to support our work, to join our team, to urge others to support and join as well.

For 85 years we have dedicated ourselves to the community of Gerritsen Beach, to help all those in need, to do the very best we can do for all of us.
Now, in the spirit, we ask for your help!

Help Us to Help You!”

Some Facts about Your Vollies

  • Your Vollies consist of 12 EMTs and Firefighters serving a community of 5,000
  • Your Vollies have responded to 230 emergency calls within the last year.
  • Your Vollies have 5 members that are health instructors that have taught the 140 hour EMT courses and never take a salary.
  • Your Vollies have 4 Qualified Firefighter instructors in the Vollies
  • Your Vollies all train in the Vollies Hall.
  • Your Vollies have 4members under the age of 18
  • Your Vollies give classes to the community on CPR
  • Your Vollies host 2 blood drives a year
  • Your Vollies host the annual Ragamuffin Children’s parade
  • No Job is too small for your Vollies have pulled a cat from a sewer, and a baby locked in a car.
  • Each one of Your Vollies participate in one 3 hour watch per week
  • After all of that, Your Vollies, still have full time jobs.

Vollies, I volunteer to help you out. I will host and design a website for you, free of charge. Somewhere the community can go to see what you guys are up to.

Some Page Ideas:

  • Blog Style – Vollie Blotter
  • Picture Gallery
  • Your Vollies
  • History
  • What the horn blows mean? What do that mean!?

Send me an email at info@gerritsenbeach.net if interested.

Update: The Vollies did sell what used to be their parking lot. A reader asked “Wheres the money from the sale of these two lots?”

Sorry no Before shot…yet

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