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Jordans Construction, Cold Stone Coming Soon


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Jordan’s Lobster Dock in Sheepshead bay, the store you remember walking into to buy your lobsters. Is no more.
A Cold Stone Creamery is being put up in what was the retail store.

The Clam Bar is open.

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Jordan’s is so famous it even had a movie made after it. Telling its story.

Brooklyn Lobster

2 comments to Jordans Construction, Cold Stone Coming Soon

  • christina madden

    My name is christina and I have never been to NY however, the breath taking veiw is ineffible. I am a former ColdStone employee and miss being part a family. I began as an original employee at a san diego location and moved up to manager, unfortunatly the buliding went out of business due to the location. I would like to be apart of a family again. It would be an honor to recieve a response. Thank You.

  • Billy

    A new bar named Green Streets would be a better addition to Gerritsen Ave, don’t ya think?