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What happens if your boat lands ashore in less than Week

I found this boat a couple of weeks ago along my walk along the shore line of the beach.


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A Walk on Low Tide


About 2 Weeks ago, While there was still snow on the ground, there was an extremely low tide on the Belt Parkway shore line. I decided to take a walk and show out loyal readers. These are some of the many pictures I took. The rest are on our newly created Flickr. Continue reading A Walk on Low Tide

Update: The Vollies Need Our Help!

Doreen President of the Vollies Corp sent in a response saying:

“This is the first year that I am president of the corporation. I haven’t gotten any answers in regards to the past books before I was sworn in October. The Fire Council (our board of directors) was supposed to have the answers. I […]

The Vollies Need Our Help!

In the latest edition of Our News the vollies have made a plee for our help. They are in some need of money, according to the paper, they fell short of $115,000 by $71,000, raising $44,000 though various fund raisers and events. Here is the vollies letter that appeared on the cover of […]

Jordans Construction, Cold Stone Coming Soon

Jordan’s Lobster Dock in Sheepshead bay, the store you remember walking into to buy your lobsters. Is no more. A Cold Stone Creamery is being put up in what was the retail store.

The Clam Bar is open.

Jordan’s is so famous it even had a movie made after it. Telling its story.


Grand Marshal Rev. Dennis Farrell

Link to NY Daily News

Meet Rev Dennis Farrell

Fair Deal Construction Update

More Construction more Progress. Not sure whats to come.

As Of February 25, 2007 As of March 11, […]