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Victorias Pizza! :)

The time has come to show the world Victorias Pizza.

Victorias Pizza has been serving pizza to the Gerritsen Beach community since 1962. Victorias has since been a staple of the community, hosting: beach block party’s with sand on the sidewalks, the Gerritsen Beach Little League and donating time and money back to […]

Fair Deal Construction, Bar Next to a Bar?

Since the closing of Fair Deal Video in March-06 it has long been speculated on what is going to replace it.

According to the Department of Building (DOB) complaints on 2722 Gerritsen Ave, the address of Fair Deal Video. There have been a total of 9 complaints since May of 2006, the most recent […]

The End of GerritsenMemories.com

GerritsenMemories.com is no longer going to be an active site. It will stay up, but who knows for how long.

Open Letter to Marret webmaster of GerritsenMemories.com

Marret ,

Thank you for all of the time, energy, effort, you have put into your website.

It is a priceless collection of stories, pictures and […]

More on the Lundy’s Closing

From Courier-Life

Sheepshead Bay’s historic seafood restaurant is being liquidated.

After officially shutting its doors three weeks ago without warning, FWIL Lundy Bros.’ Chapter 11 bankruptcy status has been converted to Chapter 7, members of the Player’s Club, the current owners, told this newspaper this week.

The future of the restaurant, as well as all the equipment inside, has been left in the hands of a court-appointed trustee entrusted with divvying up its assets to a host of creditors the restaurant continues to owe.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity,… Continue reading More on the Lundy’s Closing

Bail Denied in Belt Parkway Slaying

More updates in the attack that happened in the Plumb Beach rest stop are off the Belt Parkway

Via Gay.com
Bail was denied Wednesday for Anthony Fortunato, one of three remaining defendants facing trial in the October death of openly gay Michael Sandy.

Fortunato’s family had raised $1.3 million in hope bail would be granted, but Judge Jill Konviser-Levine of the New York State Supreme Court in Brooklyn decided not to allow Fortunato to go.

Continue reading Bail Denied in Belt Parkway Slaying

Carl Kruger and his War on Gadgets

Apparently Carl Kruger our NY State Senator wants to ban “the use of gadgets” while crossing the street, resulting in a fine of $100.

We checked his website and it hasent been updated since July 2005. While thats really funny its also relevant to the topic at hand. How can Carl Kruger who obviously […]

Real Estate Listings in Gerritsen Beach

Recently we came across some real estate listings for Gerritsen Beach.

Trulia Real Estate Best Seller #1 Properties On any one of the images. Right Click then View Image = Huge Picture Doreen Greenwood Not sure if this site is updated Tracy Real Estate Highest listing found – Link Price: $739,000 Number of Rooms: […]