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Lundy’s CLOSED

via The Gowanus Lounge


Lundy’s restaurant has been shut down.

According to the Greek owners of Lundy’s, they have been locked out and evicted. Apparently they have not payed their rent in almost a year and the landlord got their court order to evict them. The owners came to the restaurant last weekend to find the locks changed. There are rumors that Outback Steakhouse is interested in the space. Regardless of what the location turns into, Lundy’s restaurant as well as the building is a landmark. Therefore, at least, the menu must contain lobster and a raw bar.

Lundy’s, which is on Emmon’s Avenue, opened in Sheepshead Bay in 1907. At the time, it was on the bay side of Emmons, on pilings in the water. It opened at the present site (which is the northwest corner of Emmons and Ocean Avenue) in 1938. It could serve 2,800 people at a seating. Lundy’s closed in 1979 and reopened in 1995. There had been rumors of another demise.

1 comment to Lundy’s CLOSED

  • Andrea Bogart

    I am soooo upset about this…The Outback sucks!!!! Lundy’s was a landmark!! I am surely going to miss it as will others I’m sure….Well Lundy’s R.I.P.!!!!