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GB Vollies: Gerritsen or GerriTTsen?

100_4676-small.JPGIt was recently brought to our attention that the Vollies might of misspelled “Gerritsen” as “Gerittsen”.

It actually turns out that the Vollies didn’t misspell Gerritsen. Gerritsen Beach used to be named Gerrittsen Beach. At some point it was renamed. Since the Vollies incorporated in the 20’s it stuck with the name Gerrittsen.

We were worried because it would of meant that our website name was completely wrong, but hey Google was a misspelling too. We would of been in good company.

Interesting. If you have any other information Shoot us an Email or Discuss in the Message Board.

7 comments to GB Vollies: Gerritsen or GerriTTsen?

  • Anonymous

    Whoever noticed that is very observant. Should be rewarded.

  • wow if you look at all the engines ,i own[well really my dad does] the 1971 ford now it has been sitting at my home 65 bevy court for the past couple of years and i never realised gerritsen had two t”s in it

  • GerritsenBeach.net

    It only has one. What does the 71 ford have to do with the Double T?

  • oo sorry i looked at it with out my glasses on

  • Cat

    I can assure you that the staff of gerritsenbeach.net is correct. When the name was changed (for unknown reasons) the vollies stuck witht he double T for legal reasons. All of their official paperwork with the City and State had the double T. It was just easier to keep it. I guess it was a good idea to save themselves the headache. Look how long it took you guys to notice!

  • nicks.txt


  • Beachwalker

    It was spelled with 2 t’s ALWAYS until the city changed the street signs from the old black and white ones to new ones. It may have been when they paved the ave. and raised the sidewalks, I THINK that was in the late 70’s-early 80’s. I don’t know if it was a clerical error, or stupidity, or saving space or paint for all the signs, but they wouldn’t replace them with the name spelled correctly. Too costly. And that is why people who are newbeachrats are confused. If you go to the library on the Ave., and look at the photo of the old branch that’s by the door you will see that it is spelled correctly on that. With 2 t’s. Sorry GB.net, but I don’t blame you, :), you just grew up with the city too cheap to correct their error. I doubt if people would stand for this now, but we weren’t as politically astute back then, and communities just didn’t demand things like they do now. It was also so typically bureaucratic of the city back then that most people just laughed at it when they noticed and said, “stupid city a**holes.”