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Activity at Leons

There has been some Activity at leons.

Looks like theres going to be some changes at Leons.

Possibly gutting out the whole place.

I went by and took some (low quality) pictures.

The Notice reads:

Marshal Legal Possession

M & R Managements Inc as agent for Big Knapp LLC


Sebastiano Hassaretto & […]

A face with the Name. Resurrection Church

Finally a face with the name.

Dennis J. Farrell, the new pastor at resurrection.

New Monsignor @ Resurrection Named

Thanks to Tom for the Story.

Rev. Dennis J. Farrell, pastor of Holy Name, Park Slope, is going to become the pastor of Resurrection, effective Jan. 31.

Link (The Tablet Weekly Paper of the Diocese of Brooklyn)

Lundy’s CLOSED

via The Gowanus Lounge

Lundy’s restaurant has been shut down.

According to the Greek owners of Lundy’s, they have been locked out and evicted. Apparently they have not payed their rent in almost a year and the landlord got their court order to evict them. The owners came to the restaurant last weekend […]

First Snow

Well after an unannounced vacation here at GerritsenBeach.net we are back. Apologizes to anyone checking for updates.

Technically this isnt the “First Snow” it did flurry the other day.

This is Snow!


Marine Park Golf Course: Mafia Ties?

This story hit the Post, the Times, WNBC WNYC and the New York Sun.

A $9.6 million city contract to renovate and operate a golf course in Marine Park in Brooklyn was headed for further review yesterday after the city comptroller raised concerns about ties between the contractor and a man accused of being […]

GB Vollies: Gerritsen or GerriTTsen?

It was recently brought to our attention that the Vollies might of misspelled “Gerritsen” as “Gerittsen”.

It actually turns out that the Vollies didn’t misspell Gerritsen. Gerritsen Beach used to be named Gerrittsen Beach. At some point it was renamed. Since the Vollies incorporated in the 20’s it stuck with the name Gerrittsen.

We […]

New Monsignor coming to Resurrection Church

Our New Section Correspondent says:

Resurrection Church will be getting a new Monsignor sometime around the end of January.

More Info to come