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Turn them Off

We at GerritsenBeach.net are all for Christmas lights. They are fun, pleasing to the eye, and make your house look really good at night.

There are lots of amazing houses in the beach this year, Allen Ave is great, 25 Aster is Great, the old section is great and the new section is great. We are currently working on spotlighting a few houses that are amazing.

Which brings me to the only “not so great Christmas lights”.

We’ve given this story a few weeks before we said something, so the lights can be repaired but with no end it sight we have to come out and say it.

Please turn off the 5 bulb string of lights going across Gerritsen Ave. by the Cort Club.

They are horrible. It would be just so much better if they would be off. No one would notice it.

Good news is in the day time it looks really festive.

We know we are going to catch some flak for this because:

  • Its hard to put up lights
  • You didn’t help
  • You didn’t volunteer
  • Its free
  • Its a gesture
  • You didn’t walk uphill both ways, against the wind, in two feet of snow to buy the lights.

So because of those things we cant comment?


8 comments to Turn them Off

  • Anonymous

    Well I’ll be the first to comment….yes, half of the lights infront of the Cort Club went out, but they will be fixed. However, instead of you sitting home, commenting on everything that is not your business, why don’t you get on a ladder in the cold, with a lane of traffic on each side of you, and fix the lights yourself. The Avenue looks great and you have nerve to criticize the one thing that went wrong. Where are you on Saturday mornings while the volunteers, most of them much older than you, are working in the cold??? Oh right, your on here criticizing everyone else leaving the hard work up to men twice your age. Good job!

  • GerritsenBeach.net

    I knew we were going to catch some flak for this. The only reason we decided to say something was because we started to hear about how crappy it looked from other people.

    I’m very happy about the news that the lights will be fixed.

    You are probably involved with the Cort Club and the Saturday efforts with the volunteers and I commend your work. Its great work I never said anything negative.

    Why don’t I get on a ladder?
    This site is my ladder. I do however seem to remember volunteering for the GBLL, GBC, working in the heat and sun for two summers. I can no longer do that. This site is the way I “volunteer” to help the community.

    About my nerve
    I seem to remember “I care, I live here”

    “Where are you on Saturday mornings while the volunteers, most of them much older than you, are working in the cold???”
    I’m sleeping

    I’m happy for the volunteers that put up the lights. They look really good. I was just saying to turn them off until they can be repaired.

    I apologize if I offended anyone.

  • Anonymous

    i think the gerritsen beach net guy is right it did look bad and he shouldnt be critized for criticizing

  • Criticized Volunteer

    We the people that volunteered to install, make, and fix the holiday lights have completed for the 2006 season. It took more then a dozen hours for the 8+ volunteers to complete this years display in below freezing/windy cold weather. All the volunteers hope that they will be enjoy by all the residents in the community. Happy Holidays!!! PS. If the one person at GerritsenBeach.net think criticizing the work of volunteers is helping the community they are mistaken. Merry Christmas… All the best, MT

  • Anonymous

    My comment was deleted. Why I don’t know. I said the lights can’t be fixed until it is dark out, so, if you can come up one night and direct the traffic, it would be much appreciated…(instead of your sarcastic “Not so great Christmas lights”)

  • Anonymous

    Well, just to update you all, the volunteers worked today from 7:30am, until about 5:00pm, out in this cold weather. The Avenue looks great and they should be commended for their hard work. For the people who had something to say, do you approve?? Thanks for your hard work in volunteering to put the “holiday spirit” in our neigborhood.

  • GerritsenBeach.net

    To keep the above comments in prospective.

    They were all made from the same person.

    Except for “critized for criticizing”

    How do I know?

    They were all made from the same IP address

  • GerritsenBeach.net

    Yes, comments were deleted please see posting rules here: