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Coney Island: Gargioulo’s Restaurant Closing

“Gargiulo’s Restaurant, a Coney Island institution since 1903, could be relocated a few blocks away to the proposed larger boardwalk project, a Vegas-style entertainment area between West 12th and West 15th streets.”

NY Post

Merry Christmas

From the folks at GerritsenBeach.net Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year

Mike and Gerard’s Seized again

Mikes, Steven and Larrys, Mike and Gerads was seized again.

Its unfortunate due to the fact that the whole place was reconstructed to include a salad bar and moved the register to be behind the deli counter.

These pictures are from the first time Mike and Gerads […]

Resurrection Church Christmas Decorations

Resurrection Church @ Night

Manger Scene Below

Share your thought with the City about the Waterways with PLANYC

The city of new york is going to be doing some interesting things over the next 25 years.

They have established 10 goals that they want to achieve by 2030. They call it PLANYC

Create – More than a million new homes. Improve – Travel times by adding transit capacity Ensure – All […]

2006 Gerritsen Beach Holiday Lights

The Christmas 2006 season in Gerritsen Beach

Lots of great houses this year. The GerritsenBeach.net team took a drive all over the neighborhood, even those weird block in the old section, to bring you these pics.

Just a note. If your going to drive up and down every block in the old section have a car with good shocks. I must of scraped my car so many times.

Thanks to The Joe

Outer Beach


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Wanted: Tree Lighting Pictures

Did anyone take video or pictures of the tree lighting ceremony?

If so,  please email us at info@gerritsenbeach.net

If its not e-mailable let us know that too.

Christmas at Aster Court

3 1 Aster (Thanks Meranda) Another House that look great at night.

Good Work.

Gerritsen Ave Christmas Lights

The lights on Gerritsen ave have been fixed and they look great!

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Holiday Pictures

Thanks to Will from 25 Aster for Sending these in.

This house is always awesome. Be sure to check back in for some more pictures of great houses with lights. More to come!

He goes all out including a enclosed display with holiday town.

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Helpful Subway Maps

Here is some Subway tools that we use every so often.


This Map is great to quickly find out where the subway lines go and what trains are at what stop.


This map is amazing. You put in your location, then the address of where you want to go. It will then […]

Turn them Off

We at GerritsenBeach.net are all for Christmas lights. They are fun, pleasing to the eye, and make your house look really good at night.

There are lots of amazing houses in the beach this year, Allen Ave is great, 25 Aster is Great, the old section is great and the new section is great. […]

Noel and Bartlett Ave Water Main Break

I was walking around taking pictures and I just so happen to come across a water main break that happened inside someone’s house.

It happened in someones basement. DEP was pumping out the water when I arrived.

The Fire Department from E321 Ladder 159 were also on scene.


More Bus Shelter Destruction

Gerritsen Avenue and Avenue X

Who are these kids? Does anyone see this happen? What can be done to stop this?

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