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Rebirth of the Airplane Field

The airplane field or AP was repaved today.

Previous Post: Death of the Airplane Field

Christmas Trees In Marine Park

Every year there are two spots to get real Christmas trees.

Marine Park – Ave U By Amity Baseball Field – Knapp Street

I went over to Marine Park today to get some pictures before the place gets ransacked by a Christmas tree hungry Brooklyn.


Lights at Night

Gerritsen Ave @ Night


Death of the Airplane Field

I saw a enormous vehicle pull up last night. This morning as I was taking pictures of seba ave park, it was gone so I went back weeds to figure out what it was doing.

It was doing alot. What was there before was an asphalt runway now its a fine moon like powder. […]

Tis the Season

Tis the season to put up decorations! Fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaaa

Decorations on Gerritsen Ave that is.

There are more decorations on the Ave that you can see better at night. I will put up more pictures as well as some interesting pictures of holiday decorations on homes.

We […]

AOH Dance

The Ancient Order of Hibernians or AOH is going to be having an Old Fashion Irish Christmas Party.

Its going to be $15 dollars at the door and have live music and light food and drinks.

Hors D’oeuvres, draft beer, wine, soda, coffee, tea and soda bread. Please bring an unwrapped toy for a […]

Gerritsen December Events

December Community Events

Martin Golden Free Flu Shots December 6th & 14th 11am – 3pm Call for Appointment (718)627-3659 St. James Christmas Flee Market Saturday, December 2nd 9am – 4pm Property Owners Tree Lighting Sunday, December 10th 6pm @ Ancient Order of Hibernians Ancient Order of Hibernians Dance Friday, December 15th Time: 9:00pm to […]

Roll-N-Roaster Major Construction Coming

Everyones favorite Roll-N-Roaster is going to be expanding its Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn location, to its parking lot.

They are going to construct a 1 story 16 foot high outside eating area. It also looks like they have been disapproved by the city 4 times before they finally accepted the plans.

They look very […]

Post Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving weather was horrible here in the beach.

Today was better.

Address Book Launched

Thanks to GerritsenBeach Forum member alfie for this recommendation.

We have launched our own Gerritsen Beach Address Book for both Current and Former Members of the beach.


User Submitted Address information Pictures Groups Easily readable

I’m not going to be importing the Gerritsen Beach Memories address book. I would rather let this information […]

Riviera Suites at Sheepshead Bay..errr Gerritsen Beach?

The Bay Club is officially no more. It is now named Riviera Suites.

From the conceptual drawing it looks like it could fit in the neighborhood. Its not a huge structure. It looks a little taller than what the Bay Club was. I can also see a Boat Yard/Dock. If that dock […]

Bay Club Completely Demolished

Its completely demolished. I took a walk inside because of a huge gaping hole in the fence.

Come to think of it. I didn’t see any DOB permits(dept. of Buildings work permits).

That could be bad for whoever did the work.

Update #1: They have the permits. Link to DOB

Photo Gallery


Interesting Gerritsen Pictures

I was searching around and found some great shots of good ol’ Gerritsen. Via liz turrigiano

Gerritsen Geese!

These geese (I think) were so funny. Honking like crazy when they saw me. Most likely thinking I had food. There were over by the stables on Everett. One of them has a sideways beak.


more on Coney Island

If your not following this story check out The Gowans Lounge More renderings of what Coney Island could be like in the near future […]