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Chris Rock mentions P.S. 277 to NYTimes

In real life Mr. Rock attended two predominantly white Brooklyn schools, Public School 277 in Gerritsen Beach, and Marine Park Junior High, and was bused beginning in grade school.

“One thing I distinctly remember is that the white kids called each other by their last names, in grade school,” Mr. Rock said in a telephone interview. “They all cursed. The bad black kids cursed, and the white kids cursed in general conversation. It was another world — Italian, Irish. They pretty much picked on me and the Jews.”

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6 comments to Chris Rock mentions P.S. 277 to NYTimes

  • Anonymous

    oh yeah? too bad that joke was stolen from Eddie murphy. Watch delirious. Secondly…I went to 277, there were no jews then..and im pretty sure there were’nt any when poor Chris rock went there.

  • Anonymous

    I went to Marine Park in the ’90s, and Chris Rock’s words were true even then. In fact, the Irish and Italian kids called themselves “The Mafia”

  • Anonymous

    Went to school with Chris Rock . Graduated JHS 278 in 1983 with him. His account of the racial climate is 100% true! Made some good friends black and white (mostly Jewish-the Italians friends stayed low key so that they would not be targeted) but ran to Nostrand Avenue to catch the bus many times until the City arranged for the bus to pick up the Black kids (that lived on the other side of the Junction-Nostrand and Flatbush Ave.) on the block near the corner of the school.
    Halloween was the worse with the Neet/Nair (instead of shaving cream) and the eggs. Also remember the baseball bats that the HS students swung at us.

    JHS was a coming of age for all of us and indeed makes for excellent story telling!

    The teachers were GREAT and made effort to educate and nurture!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry – Date error. Graduated HS in 1983. We graduated from MPJH June 1980.

  • Namiko Hart

    I graduated Marine Park JHS in 1972. Also attended PS 277 and back then there were no black kids in our school, but there were definitely jewish kids. I think my brother and I were the only minority in the school, half japanese and half white and boy did we catch hell for that. That’s not to say I didn’t have some very nice friends but the 60’s in Gerristen Beach was something else. Marine Park was great and Sheepshead Bay H.S. was a nightmare, so I dropped out and got a GED. Think lots of kids did the same thing. What a trip to discover Chris Rock attended these schools.